Index to Obituaries, Weddings, Anniversaries and other Events clipped from the Richmond Review, Armada Crescent, and Romeo Monitor from
1880 to 1940s

Transcribed by Ursula B. Adamson - Last updated 16 July 2000

These newspaper clippings are pasted over the printed pages of a medical book. Unfortunately, many of the articles are not dated. Some of the obituaries are quite long and detailed, thus providing an excellent resource for genealogists.

Click on the names that are underlined to read the articles transcribed to date. More transcriptions will be added soon. The page containing the transcriptions is not indexed but can be accessed by clicking "Read Obituaries".


Allan, Chas., Romeo (murdered Cornell Reed)
Anderson, Wm. G., Romeo (Obit)
Arnold, Robert, Romeo (Obit)
Arnold, Franklin, Wash. Twp (Obit)
Ayer, Martha L., Romeo (Obit)
Ayers, Joseph Sutton, Romeo (Obit)
Bartley, Rosa (nee Lockwood) (Obit)
Baxter, A.W. (Obit)
Beebe, Sarah J. (Obit)
Berry, Rev. Francis, accident, Armada
Bishop, Jesse (Obit)
Black, Sarah (nee Selleck)  (Obit)
Brabb, Olive Eliza (nee Manley), Romeo (Obit)
Bradley, Mrs. Frank (nee Cooper) (Obit)
Brown, General S. B., St. Clair, MI 
Burdick, Mrs. Charles (Obit)
Burgess, Georgie - Memoriam
Burt, Wells, Detroit/Wash. Twp. (Obit)
Burt, Wm. A., Washington Twp (Obit)
Butler, Richard, Mt. Clemens (Obit)
Cady, Hon. Chauncey G., Mt. CLE (Obit)
Calkins, Elisha, Wash. Twp/Romeo (Obit)
Campbell, Mary, Cadillac City (Obit)
Cannon, H. Belle (Obit)
Carnell, Marnie, infant (Obit)
Caster, Charles (Obit)
Chandler, Hon. Geo. (Obit)
Chandler, Dr. Clement L. (Obit)
Cherry, James L., Detroit, Columbia, S.A. (Obit)
Conway, Thomas, Ludington, MI (Obit)
Cooley, Mrs. Myron A. (nee Smith) (Obit)
Cooley, Libby (Murder/Suicide)
Cooley, Abraham (Murder/Suicide)
Cooley, Manley B. Bruce Twp. (Obit)
Cooper, Louisa B. (Obit)
Corey, Alice A.
Cornell, Reed, Romeo (murdered by Chas. Allan)
Crandall, Bruce J., Ray Twp (Obit)
Cudworth, Ellen (nee Kirkham) (Obit)
Cudworth, C.J. (Obit)
Cusberd, Carrie (Obit)
Davis, child of Thomas Davis, Pt. Huron killed by cow
Davis, Rev. L.P., Ray Twp/Adrian (Obit)
Day, Arthur, Rochester NY, pushed wife over Falls
Day, Mrs. Erastus, Bruce Twp (Obit)
Drulard, Frank, St. Clair (Obit)
Dudley, Oliver C., Romeo (Obit)
Elliott, J.D., Romeo (Marriage to E.A. Swayzee)
Ewell, Helen M. (nee Harris) (Obit)
Fangboner, Harriet, Washington Twp (Obit)
Farrar, Sybil (nee Smith), Col. Twp (Obit)
Farrar, Manson, Col. Twp (Obit)
Fenner, William F. (Obit)
Fitzgerald, Wm. (Obit)
Fitzgerald, Edna (Obit)
French, M. Salina (nee Bradley), Nebraska (Obit)
Fuller, Eunice, Col. Twp (marriage to Wm. Smith)
Fuller, Nancy B. (Wheeler), Richmond (Obit)
Fuller, Nellie (Perry), Richmond (Obit)
Fuller, Merton, Richmond (Obit)
Fuller, Mrs. A. E. (Obit)
Gibbs, infant, Marquette, MI (murdered)
Gleason, Dr. Daniel G. (Obit)
Gleason, Alice (Obit)
Gleason, Mrs. Lucretia (nee Mathews) (Obit)
Goodar, Mrs. F.E. (Obit)
Gould, Edmund (Obit)
Goyer, Millie Emelina, Armada (Obit)
Graves, A.W. (Obit)
Grennis, Lila (Obit)
Griffith, Ava May, child (Obit)
Hacking, Fred (child) (Obit)
Haddock, Mary Eva, child, Athens, Ga (Obit)
Hall, Daniel (Obit)
Harp, Charlotte, Disco (Obit)
Harrington, Fred, Marysville (drowned)
Harrington, Adeline, Marysville (drowned)
Harris, M/M Albert (Anniv)
Harvey, Dr. James, Romeo (Obit)
Havilland, Sarah, Battle Creek (Jackson Prison)
Haynes, Mrs. Levi, Wash. Twp (Obit)
Healy, Chandler, Wm., Romeo (Obit)
Heath, Richard W. (Obit)
Heythaler, baby, St. Clair (burned)
Heythaler, Mrs. Louis, St. Clair (burned)
Hosie, George, Flushing, MI (killed by train)
Hovey, Lucy M. (Obit)
Hulett, Newton (Obit)
Hullet, Roy, Bruce Twp. (Obit)
Hunt, W. Irving, Col. Twp./Pt. Huron (Obit)
Hunt, Chester, child (Obit)
Huth, F.G. (Obit)
Joslyn, Carrie, Mason, MI, murdered husband
Joslyn, Mr., Mason, MI (murdered)
Keeler, Mary, Richmond/Disco (Obit)
Kelley, L.J. (Obit)
Kennedy, Eliza C. (Obit)
Kennedy, T.P., Romeo (Obit)
Kennedy, Jane C. (nee Johnson), Romeo (Obit)
Kirkham, Mrs. Ellen (Obit)
Knapp, Betsey (nee Archer), Romeo/Lowell, MI (Anniv.)
Knapp, Abner, Romeo/Lowell, MI (Anniv.)
Knight, Albert, Ray/Wash. Twp (Obit)
Knoakes, Ambrose (Obit)
Labadie, Mrs. Wm., Romeo (Obit)
Larkin, Miss Lola (Obit)
Lathrop, George (Obit)
Lawrence, John C., Washington Twp (Obit)
Lee, Charlotte (nee Palmer) (Obit)
Loucks, Lizzie, Ray Twp (Obit)
Lovegrove, Wm. (shot himself)
Lovejoy, Merle (baby) (Obit)
Mackley, Nellie, Columbus (Obit)
Maher, Alanson D., Washington Twp (Obit)
Maher, M/M A.H., Armada, (Silver Anniv.)
Mallory, Hon. C.F., Romeo (Obit)
McCauley, Mrs. James (Obit)
McCauley, Mrs. Henry (Obit)
McCauley, Ina Pearl (Obit)
McConnell - McCauley (Wedding)
McIntyre, John, RR Conductor, Pt Huron (Obit)
McQuaig, Angus (Obit)
Mellen, Hon., John N., Romeo (Obit)
Mellen, Olive, child (Obit)
Mellen, Hon. Harvey, Romeo (train accident)
Mellen, Ms. Catherine (Wedding)
Mellen, Richard S. (Obit)
Mellen, Hon. Harvey (marries Ellen Proctor)
Mellen, Ira (Obit)
Miller, Maria P. (Obit)
Miller, Theodore (Obit)
Mills, Percy Hiram, (Obit)
Murphy, Miss Mary (Murder)
Muzzy, Joel P., Romeo (Obit)
Nothaft, George (burned)
Overton, Mrs. John (Obit)
Palmer, Lulu, Rochester, NY (Obit)
Palmerlee, Mattie (Obit)
Park, Wm., Washington, MI (Obit)
Parker, John Sanford, Col./Lennox Twp (Obit)
Peck, Harriett L., Romeo (Obit)
Perkins, Geo. A. (Obit)
Perkins, Mrs. Rebecca (Obit)
Perry, Charlie, child (Obit)
Phelps, Mrs. C.C., Romeo (Obit)
Pigget, Euphemia (nee Quick), Ri/Col. Two (Obit)
Powers, Ms. Jennie, Lenox (Obit)
Powers, Ms. Blanche, Lenox/Rogersville, MO (Obit)
Powers, Ms. Carrie, Lenox (Obit)
Prentiss, Edwin D. (Obit)
Price, Rosanna, Romeo (Obit)
Price, Samuel, Romeo (Obit)
Proctor, John T., Romeo/Grd. Rapids (Obit)
Proctor, Ellen (marriage to Hon. Harvey Mellen)
Randall, Felix - 70s Birthday
Randall, Wm. S. (Obit)
Reed, Samuel, Romeo/Wash. Twp, killed by horse
Reed, Clarissa B. (nee Blood) (Obit)
Reid, Wm., Bruce Twp (Obit)
Richards, Julia A. (Obit)
Rose, Myron, Ypsilanti (Obit)
Savage, Wm. H., Columbus Twp (Obit)
Scouten, Hannah E., Columbus Twp. (Obit.)
Schairer, L., Newspaper Publisher, Pt. Huron (Obit)
Sheriff, George Henry (Obit)
Short, Oneida, Ottawa, CAN murdered 
Sikes, Emily, Wash. Twp (Obit)
Simmons, Lottie (Obit)
Slayton, Belle (nee Moyer), Detroit (Obit)
Slocum, Laura (accidental shooting) (Obit)
Smith, Wm., (marriage to Eunice Fuller)
Smith, Calvin A., St. Louis, MI (Obit)
Snover, Lena (Obit)
Spencer, Frankie (Obit)
Staley, Fred A. (Obit)
Stephens, Henry, Author (Obit)
Stewart, Mrs. Elisabeth (Obit)
Stone, Pearl (Obit)
Streeter, Cora (Obit)
Streit, Mrs. Frances (Obit)
Swan, Isaac, accomplice to murder of Mr. Joslyn
Swayzee, Eliza A., Roch., MI (marries J.D. Elliott)
Terry, Henry T. (Obit)
Terwilliger, Henry (Obit)
Thorington, Willie W., Bruce Twp (Obit)
Townsend, Mrs. Anne (Obit)
Wakeling, Sarah J., Memphis (Obit)
Walters, Emma (nee Roberts), Romeo (Obit)
Waterloo, Mary Jane (nee Beebe) Col. Twp (Obit)
Webster, Mrs. Orsemus (Obit)
Webster, Diane (nee Crossman), Ray Twp (Obit)
Weeks, D. (Obit)
Weeks, Alfred D. (Obit)
Weston, Charlie, (Obit)
Whiting, Hon. J.R., St. Clair (Obit)
Widder, Mrs. Wm.H. (Obit)
Wilkinson, Dr. W.H., Romeo/Oxford (Obit)
Wood, Sallie, Wash. Twp. (Obit)
Wood, Sanford, Washington Twp (Obit)
Wright, Amzi, Middlebury, Wy. (Obit)

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