The Weeks Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

David and Mary Weeks, Vermonters, settled on their homestead grant on Pound Road over 100 years ago. They were among the earliest settlers in that section. The Weeks' homestead was partly in Richmond Township (Macomb Co.) and partly in Columbus (St. Clair Co.), on the south side of the road. A portion of the original grant is still in the family.

The Weeks' had seven children:

1. Amelia Weeks (Mrs. Eugene Bailey); 2. Adelia Weeks ( Mrs. James Quick); 3. Jane Weeks (Mrs. Hosea Fuller); 4. Alice Weeks (Mrs. George Bailey) 5. Nellie Weeks (Mrs. Charles Chase); 6. Ira Weeks 7. Samuel Weeks.

Ira Weeks married Lucy Vogt, daughter of John and Franzeska Vogt, Columbus Twp. pioneers, who came from Germany.

Samuel Weeks married Barbara Scouten, daughter of Richard and Hannah Aylsworth-Scouten, pioneer settlers, who came from Canada.

Ira and Lucy Weeks lived on the old homestead; Samuel and Barbara Weeks lived on another section across the Grand Trunk tracks, though of course there was no railroad when the Weeks family first settled there.

The Ira Weeks family had seven (six ?) children:

1. Cora Weeks (Mrs. Charles Heath, North Main Street, Richmond); 2. Fred Weeks (North Main, Richmond) 3. Melvin Weeks (Armada Ridge, Richmond) 4. Ray Weeks (North Main, Richmond); 5. Gertrude Weeks (Mrs. Ingrim Foster, North Forest Ave., Richmond); 6. Florence Weeks (Mrs. Gilbert Lindke Sr., Detroit).

The Samuel Weeks family had four children:

1. Alfred Weeks (who died in 1905); 2. Flora Weeks (Mrs. Charles Jewell of Oxford); 3. Elisabeth Weeks (Mrs. Guy Hamblin of Pontiac); 4. May Weeks (Mrs. Lewis Wolvin, North Main, Richmond).

Only one of Samuel Weeks' 12 grandchildren is living here. He is Sam Hamblin, who stays with his aunt, Mrs. Wolvin. Her husband, Lewis Wolvin, well-known painter and decorator here, died in 1950.

A great many of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Ira and Lucy Weeks are Richmond residents. One of Mrs. Cora Heath's three children lives here: Charles Heath, who is married to the former Patronella Beauvais of Richmond. They live on S. Main Street. Milton Heath lives in Waban, Mass., and Marjorie (Mrs. Ned Bingham), lives in Gainesville, FL.

Fred Weeks, Sr. married the former Verna Brown. Their children are Fred Weeks, Jr., Armada Ridge, whose wife is the former Edna Weil of Richmond; and Robert Weeks, who lives on Memphis Ridge. Robert's wife, the former

Donna Pohly of Yale, died in 1950.

Verna Brown-Weeks died, and sometime later, Fred Weeks Sr. married the former Nina Brown. Their children are:

1. David Weeks, of Memphis Ridge, whose wife is the former Dorothy Boehmer of Roger City; 2. Elaine Weeks (Mrs. Lorenz Weinert), North Main Street; and 3. Jeanette Weeks (Mrs. Joseph Potts), North Main Street.

Melvin Weeks married the former Bertha Stuart of Richmond. None of their four children live here, though three live nearby.

1. Stuart Weeks (married to Dorothy Simmons of Richmond) of Delray Beach, FL.; 2. Florence Weeks (Mrs. Francis Goodar), Mt. Clemens; 3. Marian Weeks (Mrs. Clarence Vernier), Mt. Clemens; 4. Eleanor Weeks (Mrs. Raymond Moore), St. Clair.

Ray Weeks married the former Mildred French of Richmond, and they had seven children:

1. Edgard Weeks of Armada Ridge, whose wife is the former Velma Bliss of Deerfield; 2. Margaret Weeks (twin), wife of Leslie Dittman, Parker Street, Richmond. 3. Mildred Weeks (twin), wife of Neil Davidson), Pleasant Ridge; 4. Lois Weeks (Mrs. Edward Jacob), Romeo; 5. Elizabeth Weeks (Mrs. Donald Priestap), Flint, MI; 6. Dean Weeks, Madison Street, Richmond, whose wife is the former Evelyn Kelley of Smith Creek; 7. Jean Weeks (Mrs. Meredith Bayer), Flint.

Mrs. Mildred French-Weeks died and some years later, Ray married Mrs. Lola B. Smith, who had been principal of Richmond High School for a long time. Mrs. Smith's son by her first marriage, William Smith, is now a major in the U.S. Army.

Gertrude Weeks married Ingrim Foster of New Haven. Their children are:

1. Donald Foster, N. Forest Ave., Richmond, whose wife is Helen Crampton of Bay City, a former school teacher; 2. Marguerite Foster (Mrs. Clifford Hensch), N. Forest Ave., Richmond.

Florence Weeks married Gilbert Lindke of Richmond and they now (in 1951) live in Detroit. Their children are:

1. Louise Lindke (Mrs. Jack Dickson) of California; 2. Madeline Lindke (Mrs. Kenneth Borgne), Detroit; 3. Gilbert Lindke Jr., of Detroit, whose wife is the former Peggy Marshall of Richmond.

Ira Weeks and his sons and grandsons were and are prominent in the business life in Richmond and vicinity.