The Stuart Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

David Mills Stuart was born in 1847 in the Stuart homestead on the Gratiot Turnpike near the Pink School. He married Miss Ella Wheeler of Richmond, whose home was on Ridge street. The Wheeler home stood where now stands the residence of Nellie Stuart Farley (Mrs. Edgar). The Wheeler house was moved years ago to the corner of Ferguson and Madison street and is still there.

Ella Wheeler was the daughter of Harvey and Lucy Perkins Wheeler, Richmond pioneers. David and Ella Stuart had two daughters, both of whom live in Richmond now:
1. Nellie, widow of Edgar Farley, and
2. Bertha, wife of Melvin Weeks. The Weeks' live on Ridge street, next door to Mrs. Farley.
Mrs. Farley has 2 children, Mrs. Charles Cripps of Kalamazoo and Mrs. D. B. Lurkins, Franklin.
The children of Bertha and Melvin Weeks are listed under "Weeks".