The Sager Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)
John Sager, born in Mecklenburg, Germany in 1855, came to the United States with his parents (who?), when only a year old. A brother was five years old. His wife, Marie Schumann, was born in Lenox township, the daughter of  Christian and Sophie Schumann.

When married they lived on a farm, now known as the Bellhorn farm on Gratiot road.

John and Marie Schumann-Sager had four daughters:

1. Alvina Sager (Mrs. Ernest Sippell, deceased);
2. Ella Sager, who died in infancy;
3. Irene Sager, who died when eight years old
4. Frances Sager-Beier (Mrs. Charles Beier); (see Beier Family).

Alvina Sager and Ernest Sippell had one son, Alfred Sippel, who is now (in 1951) living in St. Clair.
Alfred Sippel has three sons.
Mr. John Sager died a year ago (in 1949) at the age of 94.