The Norton Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

The father of James H. Norton came to this community from Ohio in 1836 and bought land on the west side of the Memphis Ridge, near the cemetery.

The Norton family, with the Daniel Hall family, were the first settlers on Memphis Ridge road, coming from Ohio in covered wagons. The family is prominently mentioned in early histories of this community.

James Norton married Lucy J. Dudley of Ohio in 1851.  In 1863, the Nortons bought the former Cyril Hicks farm on Armada Ridge, where Mr. Norton lived for more than 50 years. He died in 1915 at the age of 87.

The James Nortons had six children, all deceased. Many of the grandchildren still live in this area but only one family of great grandchildren still bear the Norton name. They are the children of Ross and Sarah Dunham Norton and grandchildren of John P. and Ida Norton.

Two of them live on the old Norton homestead on Armada Ridge road. James Norton, married to Dorothy Wright of Marysville, and Irene Norton, the former Mrs. Robert Tibbits live there. John Norton, whose wife is the former Vivian Klauka of Richmond, also lives on Armada Ridge. Eunice Norton (Mrs. David Samuel) lives in Detroit and Myrtle Norton (Mrs. Charles Springborn) lives in Port Huron.

Of the older generation, the following grandchildren are descendants of the six children of James and Lucy Norton:

Children of Jim Simmons and Alice Norton-Simmons;
1. Jesse Simmons of Armada;
2. Ira Simmons in Northern Michigan;
3. Lela Simmons of Detroit;

Charles Norton and Ida Gibson-Norton;
1. Roy Norton of Port Huron;
2. Maude Norton-Joyce (Mrs. Bert Joyce), California;

John P. Norton and Ida Shaw-Norton;
1. Myrtle Norton-McCarthy (widow of Dr. J. Frank McCarty), Churchill street;
2. Bertha Norton-Wilson (Mrs. A. H. Wilson) Port Huron.

Ida Norton-Smith and Robert Smith:
1. Charles Smith of Detroit;
2. Olive Smith-Puls (Mrs. F. Puls), Ridge street;

Ira Norton and Ann Evans-Norton;  no grandchildren.

Carrie Norton-Graham and Hiram Graham:
1. Mabel Graham-Tyson, Port Huron;
2. Ada Graham-Frost, Almont;
3. Jim Graham, Flint;
4. Winifred Graham-Geno (Mrs. Ray Geno), Armada;
5. Carrie Graham-Monesmith, Indiana.