The Gramer Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

Joseph Gramer was bom in Germany and came to the United States when 20 years old. In 1842 he came to Casco township and took up 40 acres from the govemment and settled the property on Church road which is now owned by Robert Gramer, a grandson.  Mr. Gramer was also a Civil War veteran serving from 1861-65. He married Helen Landsinger, who was also born in Germany and came to America with her parents when she was 19 years old. They were neighbors of the Gramers in Germany and when Joseph went to visit them in New York he claimed her as his bride and brought her back to his log cabin in Casco township. They had three sons, Michael, Martin and Stephen and one daughter, Elizabeth.

Their descendants are numerous and at the present time are scattered throughout Wayne, Ct. Clair and Macomb counties.

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