The Gierk Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

Fred Gierk came from Germany to Casco township over 100 years ago. He married Katherine Kielblock of Casco. Fred Gierk and his wife had five children:

1. William Gierk

2. Richard Gierk

3. Ben Gierk

4. Fred Gierk

5. Georgina Gierk

Of these, only William and Richard have descendants living here (so far as the Review could learn).

William's wife, the former Martha Mehlberg of Casco, was the daughter of William and Rachel Mehlberg. Mrs. Gierk is now 78 years old. William Gierk died in 1941. They had three girls and one boy. One girl died in youth.

1. Laura Gierk (Mrs. Edward Dittman) who lives in Detroit;

2. Rena Gierk (Mrs. Adrian Locker), who lives in Riverside, Calif., and

3. Howard Gierk (twin) and

4. Florence Gierk (twin), of Richmond.

Howard's wife is the former Doris Pellerin of St. Clair.

Mrs. Martha (William) Gierk and children live in the Gierk Block on S. Main Street (Lenox). Her husband William Gierk was long a prominent shoe merchant here. He was also an enthusiastic musician.

He organized a ladies' band in Richmond that was the only one of its kind in the state during the years 1913-1914.

Mr. Gierk also organized Richmond's well-known Cornet Band and was its director for a long time.

Mrs. Angeline Gierk, widow of Richard Gierk, lives on N. Main street in the Van and Sample building. A son, Edward Gierk, married to the former Violet Englehardt of New Haven and lives on Hebel road.

Another son, Walter, whose wife is the former Frances Gideon of Lenox township, lives on Ferguson street.

Mrs. Gierk's granddaughter, Linda Leverenz-Teschler (Mrs. Arthur Teschler), lives on Division road. She is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leverenz.

Richmond's Cornet Band ca. 1900

In the back row, L-R: Otis Kohn - Charles Sutton - Charlie Davidson
Center row: James Oliver - Frank Hirt - Roy Kirkham - Melvin Weeks - Fred Weston
Front row: Warren Stone (drum major) - Charles Boutcher - Fred Weeks - Harry Cooper - Frank Fanning - Elmer Sutton.