The Fistler Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)

Mr. and Mrs. August Fistler came to Richmond from Mt. Clemens in 1894 and settled on the Manley Hawkins farm on Armada Ridge, where they lived until 1920. They then moved to Churchill Street in Richmond.

They had three sons and four daughters:

1. Arthur Fistler, Sr. (deceased) who married Elizabeth Teschler; (she lives on Hart road);

2. Oscar Fistler, on Kuester road, whose first wife was Elizabeth Gombert (deceased) and who is now married to the former Freda Stachel;

3. Ernest Fistler, on Gratiot road, whose first wife was Marie Pluckhahn (deceased) and whose second wife is the former Nelda Ogden;

4. Frieda (Fistler) Bubel, of Hope, MI.,

5. Emma (Fistler) Schirmer (deceased);

6. Lena (Fistler) Hinckfoot, 32 Mile road and

7. Linda (Fistler) Balhorn wife of Edmund Balhorn of N. Forest in Richmond..

Mr. and Mrs. Fistler celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Dee. 11, 1934. Mr. Fistler died in 1941 at the age of 80 and Mrs. Fistler died in 1944 at the age of 85.

Other Fistler descendants include 26 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren, many of whom live in this community.