Thomas Fanning

(1852 - 1927)

Thomas FANNING was born in Summer Hill (a few miles west of Cortland, NY), in Cayuga County, New York on September 11, 1852. Thomas and his younger brother Frank (1864-1929) where two of the six (6) children born to Patrick and Bridget (Walpole) Fanning, both Irish immigrants. From Summer Hill, the Fanningís then moved to Groton, situated approx. 12 miles south of Summer Hill. Thomas Fanning, the second in order of birth, spent his boyhood and early youth in Groton. In April 1879, at age 27, he arrived in Richmond, possibly together with his younger brother Frank, then 15, where they began to work for Harrup FREEMAN, egg dealer, in Richmond. Thomas worked as a foreman and Frank as an apprentice. After Harrup Freemanís untimely death in 1885, Thomas, in association with James E. WETER (the brother of Harrup Freemanís widow) and Martin KEELER, purchased FREEMANís business and the company continued to operate under the name of Weter, Fanning & Company. On May 4, 1887, Thomas Fanning married Arabelle (Weter) Freeman, the widow of his former employer and sister of his partner, James E. Weter. Thomas and Arabelle (Belle) Fanning had one child, Rena Belle FANNING-LINDKE, born in 1889. Arabelle had two daughters from her marriage with Harrup Freeman: Mabel (1882-1887), who died at age 5, and Margaret FREEMAN-MILLER. The Fanningís home was situated on Main Street, across the street from the egg candling plant, which later, before it was razed, would house the BAUER Funeral Home and later still the Richmond Public Library.

If the diaries in my possession are complete, Thomas must have been just short of his 50th birthday when he first began to record the temperature of every day in the year. As revealed by the transcripts, by 1906 he began to complement the daily temperature with everyday events, such as the death of a relative or neighbor, sports scores, world events, and the annual sighting of the "first" robin in the spring. According to the diaries, he owned a cabin or cottage in Fairhaven, a place to which he retreated every summer for a month or so, to do some fishing with his friends and visiting with relatives. The Fanningís made regular trips to Lenawee and Palmyra, Michigan, to visit Arabelleís parents, Thomas S. and Mary (UPTON) Weter, or to Walloon Lake, in upper Michigan, where U.C. Weter, probably another brother of Arabelle, had a cottage. Thomas kept detailed records of his spending and his annual income from investments. In one of the diaries he recorded all the small loans he had made to various citizens in Richmond, some amounted to not more than 1 or 2 dollars, including the date on which they had been repaid. He contributed money towards the move of the Parker Plow Co. to Richmond, and received rent from Parker Plow, indicating that he owned the building. He was a devout member of the Congregational Church in Richmond, a doting father to daughter Rena, and a loving grandfather to his step-grandson, Thomas MILLER (1900-19..?), the son of Caleb S. and Margaret Freeman-Miller, who would later become a doctor of dermatology in Detroit. Thomas Fanning died in 1927. His wife Arabelle would outlive him by 17 years. She died in 1944.

Thomas, together with his brother Frank, would frequently visit the old homestead in Groton and the other siblings, who resided in the immediate area. Frank Fanning, who was known from his involvement in local sports, had first married Alice FORRESTER (1870-1903) in 1894. She died in 1903. There were no children born into this union. In 1906, three years after Aliceís death, Frank married Dessie HARMON. Frank Fanning died December 10, 1929.

The Weter-Fanning Egg Candling Company on Main Street in Richmond, MI - ca. 1897-1900
Standing, from the right: James E. Weter, Frank Fanning
Seated, from the right: Thomas Fanning and daughter Rena Fanning-Lindke

The Diaries of Thomas Fanning

Written on the page marked "personal information" in one of the diaries:

Sizes: Collar 15; Cuffs 11; Shoes 6-1/2; my weight is 130 lbs; my height is 5í4"; the number of my watch: Elgin 19248; Number of my savings bank book: 219; safe set at 70, 3 times to the left; my will is in good order.



Temperature of each day, including these entries:

September 6
September 14
September 19
President McKinley was shot.
President McKinley died.
President McKinley buried.
December Frank and I went home to York State 3 weeks in December. Got back day before Christmas.



Temperature of every day, including these entries:
March 9 Hired: E. Oliver (@ $40/mo.), Julius Myers(@ $30/mo.), Roy Kirkham (@ $32/mo.), Tibbits (@ $28/mo.), Joe Bunker (@ $30/mo.), Joe Stull (@ $32/mo.), H. Edmunds (@ $32/mo.).
May 21
May 24
Thomas Burny died Wednesday.
Thomas Burny buried today.


Temperature of every day, including these entries:

February 24 Hired: Bunker for 7 months to commence work April 1, wages to be $30/mo.
February 27 Hired: H. Edmunds to commence work March 2nd, for $35.00/mo. for season.
March 2 William Brown @ $35/mo. for season;
March 11 Hired: J. C. Stull - March 16th, $35./mo.; 
March 13 Hired: Seth Filmore - April 1, $35/mo.;
March 15 Hired: Roy Kirkham - April 1, $40/mo.
March 19 Hired: Joe Bunker - April 1, $38/mo., and rotten eggs;
March 20 Hired: Hershel Mellon - April 1, $30/mo;
March 20 Hired: G. Phelps - April 1, $32/mo. - $5.00 draw per month.
April 1 Hired Nevin Dennit @ $32/mo.;
December 10 Thursday: Allie (Forrester) Fanning - Frankís wife, died about 6 oíclock. 33 years old.
December 13 Sunday: Allie buried. Born June 5, 1870; married January 25, 1894.
Addresses: T. S. Weter at 66 B Milwaukee Ave, Detroit - East.
John Gunst, New Haven, MI - Egg - Candler;
Note: Fosgateís Anodyne Cordial - cholera prevention!


Temperature of each day, including these entries:

August 23 (Tue) Mr. Cooper died - burial on the 24th at 3:30 p.
November 26 (Sat) Mrs. D.D. Thompson died.
December 17 (Sat) Mr. Pound died - 85 years
December 19 (Mon) Mr. Lee & Myrtle Fenton married.


February 6 (Mon) Had 9 teeth pulled today.
February 13 (Mon) James Sutton found dead in Culverís barn 1:15 p.m.
February 16 (Wed) James Sutton buried.
February 23 (Thur) I had 10 teeth pulled today.
March 8 (Wed) Mr. Gorsuchís stepmother died this morning (E.U. Gorsuch).
May 16 (Tue) Will Trostís mother buried today.
October 19 (Thu) Belle went to get piano today. Maggie to Detroit.
October 24 (Tue) Got piano into the house today.
October 30 (Mon) Send draft to Grinell Bros. for $380.00 for piano for Rena.
November 9 (Thu) Mr. Merriman died this morning.
November 11 (Sat) Mr. Kirk died today - funeral on the 13th.
November 14 (Tue) J. Allie Heathís baby boy born this morning.
December 3 (Sun) W. E. Walton died at 4 p.m. today.
December 22 (Fri) Gave A.W. Kludt check for ring $193.35.
December 27 (Wed) Chas. Farr died today.


March 13 (Tue) Went in on John McMannís bond to appear at the June term of court - charge: bigamy ($ 500).
April 18 (Wed) Great earth quake and fire in San Francisco - all in ashes.
June 17 (Wed) Paid Waterloo $7.00 for repairing my teeth.
June 30 (Sat) Start for U.C. Weterís cottage on Wallon Lake.
July 1 (Sun) At Oscoda - 7:30 a.m., Alpena - 10:30, at Mackinac - 8 p.m., get to Walloon 2 p.m.
July 21 (Sat) Ed Welch came in on his last trip today - sick.
July 28 (Sat) Ed Welch passed away today. Funeral on the 31st.
July 31 (Tue) Ed Welch buried today.
August 4 (Sat) Taken sick in the night.
August 5 (Sun) Awful sick today - bowel trouble.
August 6 (Mon) Called Dr. Fenton.
August 14 (Tue) First day up.
September 13 (Thu) Gave $100.00 to help move the Parker Plow Co. here to Richmond.
September 20 (Thu) Belle went home today (Lenawee, MI) - mother very low.
September 26 (Wed) Mother Weter passed away this morning.
September 27 (Thu) I go to Lenawee today.
September 28 (Fri) Mother Weterís funeral today.
September 30 (Sun) Gave U.C. Weter $60.00 for father Weter.
October 1 (Mon) Came home from Lenawee today.
October 2 (Tue) Paid Rumenappís meat bill up to today.
October 5 (Fri) Armada Fair.
October 22 (Mon) Gave Frank (his brother) $100 in gold for wedding present.
October 23 (Tue) Frank married today at 10:30 a.m. (2nd wife, Dessie Harman)
November 14 (Wed) William Baumgartner buried today.
November 14 (Thu) J.E. Weter goes to N.Y. today - Eddy Culver goes East with him.
December 24 (Tue) Ollie Iseley and Grace Weter took Christmas dinner with us.
December 31 (Mon) Weather like April - very mild.


January 24 (Thu) General R. A. Alger passed away. Senator from Michigan.
February 11 (Fri) Dorsey Palen died.
February 16 (Sat) Mrs. James Claggett died.
March 4 (Mon) Charles Fuller died 12:30 - age 19 in June Ď07.
March 10 (Sun) Abner Wells found dead in his barn by wife.
March 20 (Wed) Mrs. Weston died - age 96 +
April 28 (Sun) Mrs. Miller buried today - Albert Millerís mother.
April 28 (Sun) Liberty Rowley buried - age 58.
May 20 (Mon) Palmer Fuller buried.
June 9 (Sun) Mrs. Charles Gillett buried.
June 12 (Wed) Shep Beebe buried.
June 18 (Tue) Millard Hicks funeral, age 74.
July 7 (Sun) Mrs. George Weston buried.
August 1 (Thu) Howard Leach buried - Masonic Services.
August 6 (Tue) Albert Miller died - suddenly - burial Wednesday - age 60.
August 17 (Sat) Joseph Stull buried - age 61.
September 3 (Tue) Charlie Lauer found hanged.
September 4 (Wed) Morris Nolan buried. 80 years.
September 8 (Sun) Edward Stephenson passed away in p.m.
November 9 (Sat) Andrew Emerson passed away.
December 27 (Fri) Railrod wreck at Lenox at 7:30 p.m. - 3 engines demolished; 5 men killed.
December 29 20th Anniversary of Congregational Church for new pipe organ.
December 31 (Tue) John Lutes gets wed in Armada.



January 1 Otto Huglan and Aggie Crandle Paterson were both drowned in Wyandotte while skating. Burial Jan. 4, 1908.
January 15 (Wed) Eddie Culver moves to Flint.
January 23 (Thu) Schnoorís store (in Fair Haven) burned.
February 13 (Thu) Taft in Detroit.
February 15 (Sat) Henry Mau dropped dead in coal car.
February 20 (Thu) Mrs. Johanna Terry buried. Age 94.
February 21 (Fri) Grant Woodruffís mother buried today, age 82, heart failure.
February 29 (Sat) George Weston married to Eva Keyser in Detroit.
March 4 (Wed) 159 Children burn at Lake View School Collingswood, Ohio; 2 teachers parish - 176 in the end die.
April 25 (Sat) Ruben Howe buried.
April 26 (Sun) Fannie Weeks Randall buried.
May 16 (Sat) Manley C. Perry buried, age 75.
June 24 (Wed) Stephen Hunt buried here today.
August 20 (Thu) Gilbert Lovejoy buried.
September 5 (Sat) Ella Kirkham Beebe buried.
October 13 (Tue) Mrs. Charles Ellsworth buried.
October 19 Alonzo M. Keeler died in p.m., age 82.
November 12 (Thu) Mr. Gabriel Shirkey of Silver Point passed away, buried in Anchorville;
November 16 (Mon) Mr. Gabriel Shirkey buried, age 85 or 88.
November 23 (Mon) Culver Patterson died.
December 30 (Wed) Milton Davidson and Blanche Weter were married today.


January 5 (Tue) Michiganís great murder - Rev. Carmichel of Adair believed to have murdered Gid Browning in Church near Rattle Run.
January 10 Prayer they will capture Carmichel in Chicago.
January 11 Carmichel found in Carthage, IL, confesses to murder and kills self.
January 31 (Sun) Sabin Corbin buried today.
February 19 (Fri) U.C. Weter buys Elmore car for $1,620.00
February 22 (Mon) Dedicated Lenox School. Beautiful day.
February 27 (Sat) William Pell died.
March 3 (Wed) Old Mrs. McMann buried here today.
March 7 (Sun) Saw my first robin.
March 8 (Mon) Telegram: Lulu Whitmarsh passed away.
March 8 (Mon) Bert Weter dead at age 46 - body to be brought to Richmond. 
March 8 (Mon) Mr. Priestap killed by tree.
March 10 (Wed) Belle and I go to grandpa Weterís to Bertís funeral; U.C. Weter got back with body today - Burial on the 11th. Shep and Harry here.
March 15 (Mon) Telegram: George Whitmarsh dead.
March 23 (Tue) Edward Burgess buried today.
March 24 (Wed) Henry Schultz, Lenox Marshall, died.
April 5 (Mon) Frank Swift died 6 p.m.
April 9 (Fri) Grandson Tommyís birthday - 9 years old (son of Caleb S. & Margaret Freeman-Miller)
April 10 (Sat) Will Dawsonís mother died.
April 11 (Sun) Herma Whitmarsh died.
April 13 (Tue) Old Mrs. Bailey buried today. - Snow storm.
April 23 (Fri) Name change of Station from Lenox to Richmond.
May 7 (Fri) Old Mrs. Allen Sauterís mother died. age 86-1/2 .
May 10 (Mon) Alec Caster died.
May 18 (Sat) J. H. Hulbert, Electrician, buried today. Age 78.
June 1 (Tue) Little Ruth Fuller died.
June 2 (Wed) M.M. Harris passed away. Age 68.
August 9 (Mon) Andre Simmons died at noon. Age 68.
August 9 (Mon) Rudolph Mau died.
August 11 (Wed) Mrs. Robert Allington died.
August 11 (Wed) Andre Simmons buried.
August 27 (Fri) James Stephens died.
September 3 (Fri) Ruben Vroman died.
September 26 (Sun) Mrs. Seth Lathrup died.
October 1 (Fri) Grandpa Weter (Thomas S. Weter) died. Age 88.
October 4 (Mon) Grandpa Weter buried in Lenawee.
October 18 (Mon) Mrs. D.L. Rapelje died at 10:30 p.m.
October 31 (Sun) Abbie and little Blanche came at 9 p.m.
November 1 (Mon) We all go up to Mabel Wellmanís to dinner.
November 6 (Sat) Mrs. John Welch died suddenly; burial November 8th.
December 6 Got word that Frank Whitmarsh shot self in brain. Burial Dec. 9.
December 24 (Fri) Frank and Dessie Fanning lost their baby boy.
December 25 (Sat) Wayne Roberts died 4 p.m.
December 30 (Sun) Reverend Hunt of Romeo preached.
Trains leaving from Detroit: 7:50 a, 10:45 a, 4:20 p, 7:45 p, 10:30 p;
Trains leaving from Lenox: 6:58 a, 8:15 a, 1:02 p, 4:39 p, 7:20 p.
Addresses: T.S. Weter, 316 Euclid Ave, Telephone # North 2185R.
George Isley, Palmyra, Michigan, RFD 2.
Henry Roloff, 809 Antoine, Detroit.
Notes: Company K1137 Reg. of N.Y. Infantry, Vol., enrolled 14th August 1862, discharged 9th June 1865. (This is possibly the company in which his father, Patrick Fanning, served during the civil war.) 

The first college ball game was between Amherst and Williams at Pittsfield, July 7, 1859. Won by Amherst; 4 hrs played, 26 rounds, score 73 to 32.

Gasoline price in 1909: $ 0.14/gallon. Bought 10 gallons of gas for boat at $1.40.



January 11 (Tue) A baby girl came to Brownís this morning, to Jack and Blanch Edwards.
January 11 (Tue) I was elected Director to Macomb Co. Bank - the bank commenced Sep. 1, 1898.
January 14 (Fri) Mr. Boutch died today.
January 19 (Wed) Bringing Mrs. F. Doty here for burial.
January 20 (Thu) Mr. Gerro passed away today.
January 23 (Sun) Sad news today - this morning Jessie Smith, age 9, passed away in hospital.
January 25 (Tue) Jessie Smithís funeral today. Church full. Beautiful weather.
January 30 (Sun) Nicholas Rumenapp passed away.
February 4 (Fri) Attended my first Bank Directorís meeting at Macomb Co. Bank.
February 16 (Wed) E.U. Gorsach passed away at 10:30 a.m.
March 1 (Tue) Young Mr. Orr passed away.
March 5 (Sat) Mrs. Wadsworth passed away.
March 6 (Sun) Town roads very muddy - 14 join Congregational Church today.
March 10 (Thu) Valray Rapelje back from hospital today.
March 19 (Sat) Ambrose Hancock passed away. Age 86.
April 9 (Sat) Grandson Tommyís birthday - 10 years old - $5.00
April 10 (Sun) First time I missed going to church in long time - regret very much. Church $100.
April 15 (Fri) Mr. Hustin passed away.
April 19 (Tue) Mrs. Henry Johns died.
April 20 (Wed) Veda Corbinís wedding.
May 9 (Mon) Cale, Maggie, Rena and I go to Detroit - brought home a new Elmore car - runs fine.
May 12 (Thu) paid $500 for auto.
May 17 (Tue) Mrs. Millard Hicks buried here, died in Detroit.
July 10 (Sun) Shep and Libby go home.
July 14 (Thu) Harry Isley came this morning.
July 22 (Fri) Belle goes up home.
July 29 (Fri) Milton & Blanche (Weter) Davidson and Mr. and Mrs. Bowers took supper with us.
August 28 (Sun) Little Harold Stevens is having great time rowing his boat - 7 yrs old.
August 30 (Tue) Weterís folks move home this morning.
September 5 (Mon) Bill Brown passed away.
September 18 (Sun) Mrs. John Davis died suddenly.
September 21 (Wed) Pollis and I attend the State Fair.
September 29 (Thu) Mrs. VanDusen buried.
October 25 (Tue) I went to Adrian (Lenawee Co.) today.
October 27 (Thu) Go to see Mr. and Mrs. Whitmarsh in Adrian.
October 29 (Sat) S.H. Heath passed away this evening. Age 70.
November 1 (Tue) S. H. Heathís funeral - Masonic - fine weather.
November 6 (Sun) Mrs. Fuller Wittey passed away. Church $1.00.
November 15 (Tue) J.E. Weter goes to N.Y. noon.
December 1 (Thu) Sheriff Joe Mathews shot by 14 year old Belgian boy.
December 2 (Fri) Report Joe Mathews in dying condition this morning; died at 2:20.
December 5 (Mon) Joe Mathews funeral - big turn out.
December 7 (Wed) George Weston falls on sidewalk - bad sprain.
December 11 (Sat) Tommy and Maggie to Detroit to see newlyweds.
December 20 (Tue) Zenas Corey passed away.



January 5 (Thu) Got word of Hod Harrisonís death - 55 years.
January 21 (Sat) Colder this morning (22°) - Our bird died.
January 25 (Wed) A baby boy born to F. J. Hirt.
January 29 (Sun) A baby boy born to Milton and Blanche (Weter) Davidson.
January 30 (Mon) T. M. Morris passed away.
February 4 (Sat) Louis Kirk died - 32 yrs, employee of Parker Plow.
February 8 (Wed) A baby girl cam to Harry Simmonsí - sleighs and wagons out.
February 13 (Mon) Mrs. William Fuller and Sam Forester passed away.
February 21 (Tue) Rena (daughter) and I get vaccinated.
March 10 (Fri) Saw my first robin.
March 13 (Mon) Village Election: C.S. Miller -190; E. Priestap - 101;
Name change from Lenox to Richmond - yes votes 189; no votes: 134.
March 15 (Wed) Ed Conners home, buried in ground.
March 16 (Thu) H. W. Kludt brought here for burial; Herman W. Kludt - age 66.
March 19 (Sun) Took lunch with Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Heath in new home.
March 20 (Mon) Claude Markel passed away - 16 years old.
March 25 (Sat) Old Mr. Flint passed away.
April 9 (Sun) Grandson Tommyís birthday - 11 years old.
April 20 (Thu) John Mathews shot. (?)
April 21 (Fri) Captured John Mathews slayer, shot him in his boot.
April 23 (Sun) Rev. Mr. Gadd preached his farewell sermon.
May 7 (Sun) Cale, Maggie, Tommy, Rena & Albert go after our new auto - 1911.
May 10 (Wed) Mrs. Gilbert died at 2 a.m.
May 11 (Thu) Mrs. Chamberlain died.
May 12 (Fri) Young Mrs. Orr died.
May 13 (Sat) Mrs. Chamberlain buried.
May 19 (Fri) George Weston died - 11 p.m.
May 27 (Sat) Fine morning, hot - 88°; yesterday 86°;
May 28 (Sun) 92° at noon.
June 11 (Sun) Cale, Frank, Dessie, Maggie & Tom to Detroit after new auto.
July 3 (Mon) Hot, 100°, Tuesday 96°, Wednesday 98°.
July 18 (Tue) J. E. Weter to Detroit to trade boats.
July 30 (Sun) 19 of us go by boat to Orchard Beach; fine trip.
September 16 (Sat) Dr. and Mrs. Clark came.
September 17 (Sun) Frank and Dessie (Fanning) join church.
September 28 (Thu) Rena goes to Lenawee in Auto.
October 1 (Sun) Rev. Mr. Gibson here.
October 10 (Tue) Mrs. Larkin buried.
November 14 (Tue) Adalbert Batesí funeral.
November 22 (Wed) Mrs. Dr. Walton passed away.
November 24 (Fri) Funeral of Mrs. Dr. Walton; Rev. W.W. Gadd preached.
December 14 (Thu) Fenton and I go to lake to inspect ice house.
December 17 (Sun) Billie Zilkís funeral.
December 25 (Mon) Cale, Maggie, & Tommy to dinner. Green Christmas.
December 31 (Sun) Mr. Walton preached at church this morning.



January 19 (Fri) Will Fenton had bleeding spell. Finished putting in ice at lake.
January 25  (Thu) Mrs. Dan McKenzie passed away.
January 26 (Fri) Tommy goes to the Detroit Auto Show.
February 21 (Wed) Ash Wednesday - worst storm and blizzard for years!
March 4 (Mon) Joe Kronerís funeral.
March 9 (Sat) A baby girl came to J. W. Lewis
March 13 (Wed) Belle, Rena and I go to Pt. Huron; didnít go - Mary sick.
March 15 (Fri) Snowing and browing - 10-12" snow.
March 19 (Tue) Sleighing going fast - some wagons in town.
March 21 (Thu) More sleighing - go to Mt. Clemens to Democratic Convention.
March 23 (Sat) All go to Pt. Huron to visit Mary.
April 3 (Wed) A baby girl came to Blanche (Weter) and Milt Davidson.
April 8 (Mon) Miles Flower dropped dead; 69 years.
April 15 (Mon) Titanic sinks at sea. 1635 lives lost.
April 18 (Thu) Old Mr. Waterloo passed away.
May 12 (Sun) Rained all day - still at the lake with the Fenton folks.
June 9 (Sun) Fine morning - go to lake in auto; Shepís folks there.
June 23 (Sun) Go to lake to build addition on cottage.
June 29 (Sat) Hot - go home. Paid O. Haar $20.00.
July 11 (Thu) Mrs. Albert Miller passed away at 12 p.m.
July 14 (Sun) Mrs. Albert Millerís funeral.
July 21 (Sun) Maggie here over Sunday.
July 23 (Tue) Cloudy, little rain in p.m.; Rena goes to Battle Creek.
July 28 (Sun) Leslie Gast (?) here with Mag, Mabel & Cale.
July 31 (Wed) Beryl Weter came.
August 2 (Fri) Mrs. Castor passed away.
August 3 (Sat) Charley Knight passed away.
August 6 (Tue) Go gome to Mr. Knightís funeral.
August 7 (Wed) At Mr. Knightís funeral; 83 years old.
September 30 (Mon) Will Fentonís hand operated on, blood poison.
October 1 (Tue) Frank Potts drowned at lake opposite our cottage.
October 2 (Wed) Will Fentonís hand bad.
October 6 (Sun) Drive to Armada, Romeo, Lakeville, Oxford, Orion, Rochester, Romeo, Armada, home - 82 miles.
October 7 (Mon) Dessie goes to hospital. World Series begins.
October 13 (Sun) Col. Roosevelt shot in Milwaukee by anarchists. Not dead. Makes speech as wound bleeds. Locate bullet by X-ray. John Schrank of NY murderer.
October 23 (Wed) Rena, Belle and I go to Lenawee; found folks all well. U.C. Weter there.
October 25 (Fri) U.C., George and I go hunting.
October 29 (Tue) Rena, Cora, and Belle go to Toledo.
November 5 (Tue) Election day - indications are that Wilson is elected.
December 4  (Wed) Mrs. Ira Pound passed away.
December 6 (Fri) Mrs. Andrew Lauer passed away. Mrs. L. Porea passed away.
December 7 (Sat) Mrs. Poundís funeral.
December 23 (Mon) Mrs. Stephen Claggetís funeral.
December 25 (Wed) A fine Christmas morning and folks well and happy.
December 27 (Fri) Ora B. Hudson here, Cora and Aunt Mary came.
December 28 (Sat) Cora, Aunt Mary, Belle and I at Millerís to tea.
December 30 (Mon) Wedding present to Rena - $1,000.
December 31 (Tue) Dr. and Mrs. Clark came; Harry cam on Pan America;


January 1 (Wed) Renaís wedding (to Albert Lindke).
January 2 (Thu) Mrs. Clark sick.
January 7 (Tue) Dr. and Mrs. Clark go home.
January 13 (Mon) Mrs. Wadsworthís funeral - 92 years.
January 14 (Tue) Making ice. Mr. Thomas Leach passed; 64 years.
January 17 (Fri) Rock and New Haven killed 2.
January 18 (Sat) Mr. Fritz burned out by fire; gave $5.00.
February 9 (Sun) Bert Quickís funeral. A baby boy came to Hirtís.
February 12 (Wed) Mrs. Reuben Howe passed away.
March 7 (Fri) Went to Mt. Clemens to see Senator McCarty.
March 10 (Mon) Village election. - Treasurer Albert Lindke (207); Boutcher 136; Frank Fanning 238; Lapp 91;
March 11 (Tue) Saw my first robin.
March 14 (Fri) Mrs. Eugene Bailey passed away. Andrew Lauer dropped dead.
March 19 (Wed) Smallpox at the station.
March 21 (Fri) Hardest wind in years. Many buildings blew down. Reuben Flowers passed away.
March 22 (Sat) Great damage at the lake.
March 24 (Mon) Tornado in Omaha; hundreds killed.
March 25 (Tue) 8,000 persons parrish in flood in Ohio; 35 000 homeless and starving; 5 000 drowned in Dayton, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana., and Missouri.
March 27 (Thu) Mrs. Pratt passed away.
March 28 (Fri) Later 400 dead in Dayton.
April 6 (Sun) Tommy joins church.
April 9 (Wed) Fenton and I go to lake, find things in bad shape.
May 13 (Tue) Mrs. Alonzo Keeler passed away.
May 15 (Thu) Eli Welding died.
July 6 (Sun) Cloudy, cold; built fire in sitting room.
July 15 (Tue) Got new Oakland auto this morning. All took a ride.
August 24 (Sun) Mr. and Mrs. Lindke here.
August 26 (Tue) Rose Kihen here.
August 27 (Wed) Ben Friday killed in motorcycle accident.
August 31 (Sun) Cale and Mag here, Tommy goes home for good.
September 5 (Fri) Move home from lake.
September 17 (Wed) William Vann passed away. Mr. Duvalve passed away.
September 20 (Sat) Mrs. Clate Fuller passed away.
October 22 (Wed) A baby girl came to Albert and Rena at 7:42 p.m. Wt.: 8 pounds.
October 23 (Thur) Rena and baby find.
October 27 (Mon) Mrs. John Parker passed away.
November 2 (Sun) Miss Watkins called.
November 9 (Sun) Fire at Flackís Bakery.
November 20 (Mon) Terrible storm on the lakes. Great loss of life and many boats lost on the lakes. Estimate 100 - 150 lives lost.
November 13 (Thu) Gass Ewell passed away.
November 26 (Wed) James Stephenson found dead on his couch.
December 11 (Thu) Dedication of the Catholic Church at the Station.
December 30 (Tue) A baby girl came to Mr. and Mrs. Manlow (Marlow?).


January 21 (Wed) John Hunt passed away; 85 years. Mrs. Kirkís funeral.
January 23 (Fri) George Fuller is 90 years old today.
January 26 (Mon) John Pound had a spell - his heart.
February 11 (Wed) A baby girl came to J. Green.
March 15 (Sun) Saw my first robin.
March 18 (Wed) Called Doctor for Belle.
March 19 (Thu) Baby quite sick all day. Belle in bed all day.
March 20 (Fri) Baby and Belle some better.
March 22 (Sun) I was in bed all day.
March 26 (Thu) Roads getting quite muddy.
March 29 (Sun) In donít feel very well yet.
April 4 (Sat) Carried Rena downstairs.
April 5 (Sun) Rena got Rheumatism - canít walk.
April 11 (Sat) Rena some better - canít walk.
June 26 (Fri) W. Fenton passed away.
August 5 (Wed) England declares war on Germany; 18 000 000 men conflict.
August 6 (Thu) Mrs. Woodrow Wilson passed away.
August 21 (Fri) Rena goes home until Monday.
August 31 (Mon) GAR Reunion in Detroit.
September 27 (Sun) John Sutton passed away.
October 22 (Thu) Horse Races in Richmond.
October 22 (Thu) Baby Margaret is one year old (Renaís child).
October 24 (Sat) Will Friday married.
November 4 (Wed) Elmer G. Gleason passed away.
November 6 (Fri) Elmer G. Gleasonís funeral. Shep & Libbie here.
November 29 (Sun) All took dinner at the Muttonville Church dedication.
December 9 (Wed) Saw one pair of bobsleds. Snow plow out.
December 10 (Thu) Saw two cutters. Baby sick.
December 14 (Mon) High Corbin passed away, age 73 years.
December 21 (Mon) Windy, fair sleighing in town only.
December 25 (Fri) Cale, Tom, Mag, Frank, Dessie all here to dinner - duck and chicken.
Albert, Rena and baby at the Lindkeís
December 27 (Sun) My first attack of Rheumatism in left leg.
December 29 (Tue) Hauling in ice - 9-1/2 to 10".



January 1 Iím quite lame this morning, Rheumatism. Rheumatism: fluid extract of unicorn root, from 7 to 30 drops in water before meals.
January 4 (Mon) Boys are putting in my coal.
January 7 (Thu) Old Mr. Norton passed away.
January 9 (Sat) Mrs. (Culver) Patterson passed away.
February 6 (Sat) Duncan Grant passed away.
February 12 (Fri) Eugene Bailey passed away.
February 18 (Thu) Tommy saw a robin.
February 25 (Thu) Saw my first robin.
March 14 (Sun) Weter goes to N.Y.
March 15 (Mon) Lots of robins.
April 4 (Sun) Easter Sunday - Harry, Lillie, George here. Rheumatism bad.
April 6 (Tue) Ackerís bank closed.
April 13 (Tue) Mrs. Whitmarsh here to dinner.
April 26 (Mon) Very warm - 86°; J. Yerden burried here.
April 29 (Thu) Belle and Aunt Emma go to Chicago.
May 7 The Litsutania sunk by a German submarine, loss of life - 1150 persons, including 115 Americans, among them Alfred G. Vanderbilt, and Chas. Frohmann.
May 19 (Wed) I canít move - in bed.
May 20 (Thu) Chas. Gillett passed away.
May 27 The First National Bank of Richmond, No. 4.742 opened for business with a capital of $25,000. C. E. Green, President
J. E. Black, Vice President
Albert Lindke, Cashier
Directors: J. T. Adams
C.S. Miller
W. S. Stone
Andrew Donaldson
Edward Kuehn
June 2 (Wed) Mrs. Geo. Fuller passed away.
July 8 (Thu) Mr. A.M. Keeler called.
July 27 (Tue) Mrs. Fred Weeks passed away.
July 29 (Thu) Rena and Tommy go to Funeral.
August 30 (Mon) Rena and baby move home.
October 1 (Fri) Raining all day - spoiled the Fair.
October 16 (Sat) Go to Adrian.
October 17 (Sun) Go to cemetery. Richard Heath passed away.
October 18 (Mon) Go hom from Lenawee. Belle, U.C., Mary drive in car.
October 19 (Tue) U.C., Mary and Belle got here. R. Heathís funeral.
November 9 (Tue) Belle goes to Pt. Huron for vitamins. Harry Isley came for the day.
November 13 (Sat) D. J. Lewis passed away.
November 26 (Fri) Up to Mr. and Mrs. E. Huntís to card party - fine time.
November 30 (Tue) Dr. and Mrs. Clark came on the 9:05 train.
December 4 (Sat) Young Miss Dittworth burned to death. Lamp exploded.
December 6 (Mon) Dr. and Mrs. Clark at J. Poundís for dinner. Fun day.
December 7 (Tue) Mrs. Clark sick.
December 8 (Wed) Mrs. Clark still in bed.
December 9 (Thu) Mrs. Clark downstairs. Belle, Rena and the Doctor (Clark) have the Grippe.
December 10 (Fri) Baby sick. Called Dr. Green for Dr. Clark.
December 11 (Sat) All sick with Grippe.
December 12 (Sun) Dr. and Mrs. Clark in bed all day. Telephoned Abbie.
December 13 (Mon) Ben and Abbie came and took the Clarkís home.
December 14 (Tue) I had to give up and go to bed. Chills.
December 15 (Wed) Feel some better. Rena quite sick.
December 18 (Sat) Dr. and Mrs. Clark got home O.K..



January 15 (Sat) Mrs. David Carl killed at our crossing going to the 7:00 a.m. train in the bus; both horses killed, bus demolished. Busman Jewell escaped with bruises.
January 29 (Sat) Mrs. Chas. Wheelerís funeral. Died in hospital.
February 4 (Fri) Bart Burgess passed away in Detroit.
February 21 (Mon) Beryl Weter came over night.
February 23 (Wed) Caleb in Dryden looking up business.
March 3 (Fri) Judge Erskins passed away. 54 years.
March 8 (Wed) Mr. James Claggett passed away; age 86 years, 2 days.
March 10 (Fri) Mrs. Van Brockman passed away.
March 13 (Mon) Saw 2 robins.
March 16 (Thu) Caleb starts for Yale, couldnít get through snow drifts. Mrs. G. Phelps passed away in Detroit.
March 17 (Sat) Belle, Pound, Kirkham, and Mrs. Fuller go to funeral at New Haven.
March 19 (Sun) Dr. Walton passed away.
April 11 (Tue) W.B.A. Jurgens passed away. J.E. Weter goes to NY funeral.
April 25 (Tue) Stores and Hotel burn, big loss; the Cooper & Son Co. and stock almost total loss.
May 7 (Sun) Dr. F. Fenton passed away.
May 14 (Sun) Spencer buys Davidsonís Groceries.
May 15 (Mon) Spencer takes over store.
June 1 (Thu) Mrs. J.M. Johnson passed away.
June 3 (Sat) Mrs. J.M. Johnsonís funeral.
June 7 (Wed) George Fuller passed away.
June 9 (Fri) Albert, Rena and baby move.
June 13 (Tue) Go to Syracuse at 10:00 a.m. Found all well.
June 15 (Thu) Mameís wedding. Rain, Rain, 30 guests, fine time.
June 18 (Sun) Went up to see Leah (his niece) - sheís not home.
June 20 (Tue) Went up to see Gene and Kate Johnson & Burr.
June 21 (Wed) Sun and I go to Oneida.
June 26 (Mon) Go from Oneida to Syracuse.
June 28 (Wed) Go to Groton, fine day; find Jen McCarty bad.
July 2 (Sun) Took dinner at Mrs. McGrails; Mary Ellen Connell there.
July 3 (Mon) Went up to the old homestead.
July 5 (Wed) Went over to see Jim, he was not at home.
July 6 (Thu) In eve took ride to Maravia.
July 9 (Sun) Met Jim at Sunís.
July 10 (Mon) Start for Syracuse. Saw Anna Murray Booth.
July 13 (Thu) Start for home 2:34.
July 14 (Fri) Arrive Detroit boat 8:00 home.
July 15 (Sat) Belle came home from Belding.
September 1 (Fri) 18th Anniversary of the Macomb County Bank.
September 5 (Tue) Belle and I visit Carl Davis at Robertís Landing.
September 16 (Sat) William Fullerís funeral. 84 years.
September 17 (Sun) Frank Fenner passed away. 68 years.
September 19 (Tue) Dr. Clark, Abbie, and Ben at Poundís.
September 22 (Fri) Mrs. Parmer Fullerís funeral. Dr. Clark, Abbie, Ben and Blanche here.
September 28 (Thu) Go to Armada Fair.
October 3 (Tue) Belle goes to Detroit; I go to Pt. Huron as witness in the Sharkey vs. Schnoor case.
October 13 (Fri) All go to Adrian.
October 14 (Sat) Go to Palmyra.
October 15 (Sun) Belle sick, had doctor.
October 16 (Mon) Belle better.
October 17 (Tue) Go to Palmyra; go up to Adrian and old farm and aunt Annís.
October 18 (Wed) Geo. Nelson and Geo. Flower go hunting at Devilís Lake.
October 19 (Thu) Geo. home, no luck, no duck.
October 21 (Sat) Start for home; go to Shepís (in Detroit); Shep not home.
October 22 (Sun) Go to First Congr. Church, go over to the Ford plant and call at the Keeler office.
October 23 (Mon) Go to see Mrs. Keeler in morning; Bruce took us all over city; get home at 4:20 p.m.
November 5 (Sun) Rev. Mr. Boutcher resigns.
November 8 (Wed) Election in doubt - both sides claiming Prohibition wins. Auto gone.
November 19 (Sun) Dan McKenzie passed away on the 18th. Mrs. Whitmarsh broke hip.
November 20 (Mon) Belle goes to Pt. Huron
November 21 (Tue) Dan McKenzieís funeral here in church. 69 years.
December 31 (Sun) Rev. W. L. Moore of Armada preaches at our church; fine sermon.
Addresses: Geo. F. Beatty, Room #26, Detroit & Toledo, Shore Line Office, Detroit.
Miss Dorothy D. Doty, Elizabeth St., Oneida, NY
Dr. W. D. Clark, 1527 Estes Ave, Rogers Park, Chicago
Mrs. H. W. Drisko, 604 Onandago Ave, Syracuse, NY
Mrs. Nell Dolby, 316 Wallace St., Syracuse, NY
T. S. Weter, 195 Tennison Ave., Detroit, Highland Park, Michigan
Mrs. J.E. (Mame) Lathe, 738 Otsego Street, Syracuse, NY (Corner of Geddes)
G. S. Freeman, 37 Pendleton St., Cartland, NY
Herbert Bunny, 48 Charles Street, Cartland, NY
Bernard Roddy, Monroe Hights #14, Cartland, NY.
Dr. Green practized in 1916.
Trip to Syracuse:
Start East @ 9:05 - Monday, June 12th:
arrived Buffalo 7:00
Left Buffalo 7:30
arrived Batavia 8:30
at Rochester 9:10
Syracuse  11:00 a.m.
go to Oneida on June 21st
go back to Syracuse on June 26th
go to Groton on the 28th
go back to Syracuse on July 10th
start back home July 13th
got home July 14th



January 1 (Mon) Cale, Mag and Tom in Detroit. Belle and I went to Frankís for dinner.
January 2 (Tue) Beryl Weter here to tea.
January 5 (Fri) A baby girl was born to J. W. Green.
January 13 (Sat) U.C. Weter and aunt Mary came at 4:30. Mr. R. Heath passed away - 87 years.
January 14 (Sun) Rev. Taggert preached.
January 17 (Wed) Putting in ice - 11 1/2ó12". Fine day. Bus man is taking folks to Chas. Perkins, at 2:25 p.m.
January 20 (Sat) Lambs in Buffalo $14.70; hogs $11.70; calves $15.50.
January 22 (Mon) U.C. Weter and Mary leave at 3:36 p.m.
January 23 (Tue) Cale in Detroit at Auto Show; U.C. leaves Detroit at 10:43 for Florida.
January 31 (Wed) The Richmond Land Company voted to sell its Detroit holdings.
February 1 (Thu) Mr. Kelsey passed away.
February 3 (Sat) US gives passport to Ambassador Bernsdorff; US breaks with Germany.
February 26 (Mon) J. M. Johnson stroke; quite bad.
February 27 (Tue) Lacoma sunk; 13 lives lost, 2 American women.
March 1 (Thu) Mr. J.M. Johnson passed away - 72 years.
March 4 (Sun) Rev. Henry Mosley takes charge today as pastor of the Congreational Church.
March 6 (Tue) Tom saw a robin.
March 18 (Sun) Railroad strike off - men win 8 hour day.
March 19 (Mon) 3 US ships sunk; 24 lost; Vigilanica, City of Memphis and the Illinois.
March 23 (Fri) Cale home from Yale; Rapelje home from Florida.
March 24 (Sat) Cale, Mag and Tom go to Lenawee.
March 31 (Sat) Lightning killed F. Brophyís 2 horses.
April 3 (Tue) Howard Gibsonís funeral.
April 5 (Thu) Go to Pt. Huron on Schnoor vs. Shirkey suit.
April 7 (Sat) War declared against Germany.
April 14 (Sat) Mrs. J.D. Lewis passed away. Mrs. M.M. Harris passed away.
April 16 (Mon) School strike for flag.
May 2 (Wed) Mildred Marshallís wedding - fine time.
May 7 (Mon) Bought 2 boxes of soap, Ivory and Galvania.
May 15 (Tue) Wrote Spencer & Reackhoff a check for $29.36 to balance account. Mr. Henry Johns passed away - 72 years.
May 30 (Wed) Exercises fine; great success, big crowd.
June 5 (Tue) Registration day for draft.
June 7 (Thu) Shep Weter came.
June 14 (Thu) Mrs. A. Simmons passed away; We go to lake to clean up; Shep goes with us.
June 19 (Tue) Cale, Hirt, Shep and I go to lake to see about breakwater.
June 20 (Wed) Shep goes to Lambs to see Chas. Smith.
June 23 (Sat) Shep comes back.
June 24 (Sun) Tim Lucas passed away.
June 25 (Mon) Shep goes home. Cale in Detroit.
June 30 (Sat) Rena moves.
July 1 (Sun) The Weterís go to Lenawee after mother.
July 4 (Wed) Fine day. Good horse races; big crowd; Cale at lake.
July 6 (Fri) Cale in Detroit, brings back new Haney - 5 Passenger.
July 8 (Sun) Cale, Hirt, and Simmons go to lake.
July 9 (Mon) Hail in Casco.
August 3 (Fri) Flag raising in Richmond; fine day, good attendance; forgot about bank meeting.
August 5 (Sun) Very warm. All go to Lake Orion, good time, Frank and Dessie go.
August 22 (Wed) Donít feel well, pain in side.
August 23 (Thu) Ollie and Mary came.
August 26 (Sun) Big fire at Anchorville, Church, School, Dwellings burn.
August 30 (Thu) C. Davis and family all here. Cale, Marg, Tom, Baby, Olive and Mary came in afternoon.
September 3 (Mon) Tom (Miller) and Madelin Stone here.
September 6 (Thu) Mrs. George Bailey passed away.
September 22 (Sat) Mrs. Z. Corey passed away.
September 30 (Sun) Cale, Mag, Belle, Tom and Miss Meaney go to lake.
October 5 (Fri) World Series in Chicago. Each Chicago players receives $3,666.
October 20 (Sat) Go up to Adrian. Belle and Cora go to Union City to see Dolly.
October 24 (Wed) Belle and I go up to Adrian. Take tea at Aunt Annís.
October 25 (Thu) Fine day; 6 oíclock dinner at Mrs. F. W. Whitmarshís. Beryl Weter came from Cleveland.
October 27 (Sat) Go to Detroit to Shepís.
October 28 (Sun) Took dinner with Mrs. Ellis Kitty Carl.
October 29 (Mon) Rained all day. Got home at 4:20 p.m.
October 31 (Wed) Mrs. M. E. French passed away.
December 5 (Wed) Wilson recommends war gainst Austria-Hungary.
December 7 (Fri) War declared by Congress against Austria-Hungary.
December 29 (Sat) Mrs. Sagerís house burned.

Thomas Fanningís Worth

1906 $ 14,868.72
1907 $ 19,702.00
1908 $ 24,210.41
1909 $ 24,468.86
1910 $ 29,039.76
1911 $ 31,481.36
1912 $ 33,447.11
1913 $ 36,907.26
1914 $ 34,541.41 lost $ 2,750
1915 $ 38,742.46 deducted Cooper house in 1916 $900.00
1916 $ 40,844.29
1917 $ 43,500.00

Addresses: Mrs. Nell Dolby, 316 Wallace St., Syracuse, NY (sister)
Mrs. Leah Dolby, 59 Railroad St., Oneida, NY (niece)
M. A. Keeler, 2830 Garber Street, Berkeley, Cal.
N. L. Claney, 149 Maston, Detroit
Patrick Dillworth, RR# 2, Brighton, MI
Harry Isley, 1525 Melburn Ave., Toledo, OH
Herbert Bunny, 48 Charles Street, Cortland, NY



January 12 (Sat) Worst blizzard; from 10 to 14 degrees below all day long.
January 13 (Sun) Didnít go to church.
January 14 (Mon) Railroads tied up; lots of drifts.
January 20 (Sun) Burn DeLong passed away.
January 22 (Tue) Henry Whitcomb passed away.
February 5 (Tue) Very cold; from 16-22 deg. below; Tuscania sunk with US soldiers by U-boat. A total of 2179 US troops on that ship.
February 7 (Thu) Not much snow; Red Cross dance.
March 4 (Mon) I saw my robin.
March 7 (Thu) Theo. Miller passed away.
March 9 (Sat) Cale in Detroit to Theo. Millerís funeral.
March 21 (Thu) Germans begin big drive on 47 mile line.
April 4 (Thu) Dessie goes to hospital in St. Clair.
April 5 (Fri) Frank and Belle go to St. Clair to visit Dessie; Dessie has operation, pretty bad.
April 6 (Sat) Belle not home yet. Frank goes back this morning.
April 7 (Sun) Frank home at 8:40 p.m. Dessie is doing well. Take ride in auto to Whitcomb's.
April 8 (Mon) Frank goes to St. Clair. Dessie doing well.
April 14 (Sun) Go back to our own church; go to St. Clair to see Dessie.
April 29 (Mon) Dessie came home; feeling fine.
May 2 (Thu) Paid Mr. Kammer $200 for 5 chords of wood.
May 18 (Sat) Red Cross drive; fine.
May 29 (Wed) Red Cross drive in Detroit - $10,038,910 to date.
June 1 (Sat) Belle and I go to Lenawee via Toledo, Ohio.
June 2 (Sun) At Lenawee; take ride to cemetery.
June 5 (Wed) 6 Steamers, 8 Schooners sunk off New Jersey coast.
June 6 (Thu) Go up to Adrian.
June 13 (Thu) Went to Blissfield, Burl and I.
June 14 (Fri) Fine day; Folks go up to Adrian.
June 15 (Sat) Start for home 9:35 a.m.; got home at 4:30.
June 16 (Sun) Tom goes on the City of Detroit
June 19 (Wed) Tom graduates from Richmond High School; done fine.
June 25 (Tue) Little John Lutes passed away on the 24th.
July 1 (Mon) Tom goes to work at Packardís.
July 10 (Wed) Mrs. Isaac Evans passed away in Detroit Hospital.
July 13 (Fri) Moved to the lake; fine day.
July 21 (Sun) Albert, Rena & Margaret here.
July 22 (Mon) Victor Vernier passed away.
July 25 (Thu) Mr. & Mrs. Rapelje & Sterling here for day and night.
July 26 (Fri) Rapelje folks go home.
August 6 (Tue) Hot & dry; officially 104°C; 116° in Detroit.
August 7 (Wed) Hot & dry in Baltimore, 98°.
August 11 (Sun) Cale, Marg, Albert, Rena & Baby get stalled in mud. Left car. Cale alright; go home by train.
August 12 (Mon) Mildred goes to Hospital; Albert, Rena took auto home.
August 13 (Tue) Report Mildredís operation successful; doing fine.
August 14 (Wed) Belle goes up home with Graham.
August 15 (Thu) Mrs. Frank Welding passed away.
August 18 (Sun) Cale, Mag, Tom & Marney came. Shep came.
August 19 (Mon) Shep and I saw wood.
August 21 (Wed) Mildred Weter Marshall passed away at 3 p.m.
August 24 (Sat) Mildredís funeral. Many friends, beautiful flowers.
August 25 (Sun) Cale, Mag, Tom, Shep all go to lake; Cora here.
September 3 (Tue) I was sick all day. Stomach trouble.
September 4 (Wed) Baby goes home with Blanche.
September 12 (Thu) Draft of 18 year olds; Tom goes home to register.
September 16 (Mon) All go to Mt. Clemens to see the flyers. Rained.
September 17 (Tue) Blanche and I go mushrooming.
September 20 (Fri) Move home from lake.
September 23 (Mon) Dr. Clark here.
September 25 (Wed) Cale, Marg & Tom go to Ann Arbor, back at 12:00 a.m.
September 26 (Thu) Yanks drive in Argonne doom foe; Pershing cuts life artery of enemy armies, ending war.
September 27 (Fri) Fine day; on the west bank of the Meuse Allies began offensive on the 26th.
September 30 (Mon) Tom goes to Ann Arbor; Cale & Marg go with him.
October 1 (Tue) Belle sick in bed.
October 2 (Wed) Mrs. Joe Bunker passed away.
October 3 (Thu) Dr. Clark goes home.
October 13 (Sun) No church on account of influenza. Cale, Marg, Mrs. Grinell go to Ann Arbor. Leo Dillworth passed away.
October 20 (Sun) No church. Ed Dixon passed away.
October 25 (Fri) Cale & Bailey go to Detroit - truck load eggs.
October 27 (Sun) No church.
November 3 (Sun) No church. Took dinner at Millerís.
November 7 (Thu) Huns sign truce.
November 9 (Sat) Tom home.
November 10 (Sun) Tom home - looks fine. Cale, Marg, Belle take Tom to Mt. Clemens and Ann Arbor.
November 14 (Thu) Riney Hall killed. Team ran away.
November 20 (Wed) Got 2 loads hard coal; Miss Emma Gillott passed away.
November 21 (Thu) Start furnace first time this fall.
November 24 (Sun) No church, flue. All in bed with flue.
December 1 (Sun) No church; Rena quite sick.
December 2 (Mon) Rena improves little; Albert at work.
December 4 (Wed) Rena improving; Margaret not very good. President Wilson sails on the Washington. First Pres. to visit Europe while in office; is speeding across the Atlantic to France for intl. conference.
December 13 (Fri) Pres. Wilson arrived in the harbor of Brest at 1 oíclock.
December 15 (Sun) Tom back to Ann Arbor to school; discharge from Army.
December 17 (Tue) Rena came down first time.
December 22 (Sun) Horace Dennison passed away.
December 23 (Mon) Tom home.
Addresses: Tomís address on Oct. 26, 1918: Student's Army Training Corps.



January 5 (Sun) Edgard Gibson passed away. Frank and Dessie here to dinner.
January 6 (Mon) Tom goes back to Ann Arbor. Margaret and Belle in Detroit visiting Shepís folks.
January 11 (Sat) Fire in Renaís house, roof; not much damage.
January 16 (Thu) Nation voted as 36th state ratifies amendement.
January 18 (Sat) Lewis Meyers found hanged in planning mill. U.C. Weter and Aunt Mary came.
January 21 (Tue) Weter Fanning & Company sold their egg business to Mr. W.A. Bruce.
January 22 (Wed) J.E. Weter goes to N.Y. with Mr. W.A. Bruce.
January 25 (Sat) J.E. Weter home from N.Y.
January 29 (Wed) Mrs. Orson Archer passed away.
February 12 (Wed) Tom came home at noon.
February 13 (Thu) Albert Brown in city.
March 4 (Tue) Saw my robin.
March 16 (Sun) Very deep mud.
March 21 (Fri) Draggin roads.
March 25 (Tue) Belle, Cale and Margaret go to Pt. Huron with Mr. Bruce.
March 30 (Sun) Didnít go to church; sludge in bathroom.
April 6 (Sun) 18 join our church.
April 16 (Wed) Fields are flooded; water high in cellar.
April 17 (Thu) Cale in Detroit for me to get the Beatty Mortgage signed.
April 18 (Fri) Mrs. F. Markel passed away.
April 22 (Tue) Cale and Margaret in Mt. Clemens. Cale traded auto Haynes for a Dodge.
April 24 (Thu) Cale and Margaret go to Detroit with Bert and Maud.
April 25 (Fri) Mr. Wellington Congdon passed away.
April 27 (Sun) Mr. Wellington Congdonís funeral.
May 8 (Thu) Cale in Detroit, auto. I donít feel very good.
May 11 (Sun) Motherís day. Frank sick in bed.
May 24 (Sat) Mr. and Mrs. R. Ailes came at 4:34.
May 25 (Sun) Mr. and Mrs. R. Ailes go home; Mrs. Chas. Beatty passed away.
May 29 (Thu) Chas. Mills passed away.
May 30 (Fri) Tom home; Beryl Weter here; Decoration Day - hot 90° at noon.
June 6 (Fri) Cale, Charles and Pollis at lake; Field Day in Richmond.
June 9 (Mon) Took treatment from Dr. McIntosh in Mt. Clemens.
June 12 (Thu) Cale, Margaret, Belle and girl go to lake to clean house.
June 13 (Fri) Thunder and lightning; rain storm; Ray Weekís house struck by lightning.
June 15 (Sun) Childrenís day.
June 21 (Sat) Tom goes to lake with Jim, Emma and Grace.
June 25 (Wed) Mrs. Jas. Sutton passed away; age 85.
June 26 (Thu) Tom goes to summer school in Ann Arbor.
June 27 (Fri) Colder; Cale, Margaret, Belle and Tom go to Lenawee.
June 28 (Sat) Germans sign peace treaty.
July 2 (Wed) Cale, Marg, Belle, Marg. and Mrs. Burt go to lake in Pt. Huron.
July 4 (Fri) Dempsey knocked Willard out in the 3rd round.
July 13 (Sun) Cale, Marg, Belle and I go to Stoneís in Mt. Clemens.
July 17 (Thu) Moved to lake in auto. Shep Weter came.
July 22 (Tue) Shep put roofing on porch.
August 1 (Fri) I go up home - bank meeting.
August 2 (Sat) I take treatment.
August 7 (Thu) Renaís friends from Richmond here - 24 of them.
August 8 (Fri) Aunt Cora came; Tom and Lewis came.
August 9 (Sat) Cale and Marg. in their cottage.
August 10 (Sun) Tom and Lewis go home.
August 13 (Wed) Painting house. Dr. Clark and Bertha came.
August 14 (Thu) Dr. Clark and Bertha go home.
August 19 (Tue) Belle goes up home the 20th, Albert and Rena come after her.
August 21 (Thu) Belle and Cora came back; Cora goes home.
August 25 (Mon) Mrs. Rapelje here.
August 27 (Wed) Mrs. Rapelje goes home at 7:00 a.m.
August 28 (Thu) Tom, Marg and the Grahamís go to Walpole island.
September 5 (Fri) Move home from lake.
September 12 (Fri) Frank goes to Mt. Clemens to take baths. Tom had tonselís out.
September 13 (Sat) Belle and Cale go to Mt. Clemens to see Tom and Frank.
September 15 (Mon) Tom and Marg. home from hospital.
September 23 (Tue) Frank home from hospital.
September 29 (Mon) Tom goes back to school in Ann Arbor.
September 30 (Tue) Rena, baby, Marg. and Belle go to Pt. Huron with Whitcombís.
October 4 (Sat) Albert, Rena, Baby, Belle and I go to Lenawee.
October 5 (Sun) Early a.m. women go to church.
October 6 (Mon) Albert, Rena and baby go home.
October 7 (Tue) Women all go to Toledo.
October 14 (Tue) Belle goes up to Adrian.
October 15 (Wed) George went after sqirrels, got 4.
October 17 (Fri) Belle, Cora and I go to Adrian.
October 18 (Sat) Start for home; fine day; at Sheps in Detroit at 2 p.m.
October 19 (Sun) Went to see Keelerís folks; Shep and I go for a long walk.
October 20 (Mon) Get home at 4:30 p.m.
October 22 (Wed) Margaretís birthday.
October 26 (Sun) Frank no better.
November 9 (Sun) Frank no better.
November 14 (Fri) Cale and Marg. move to Detroit.
November 16 (Sun) I have a cold; Frank no better.
November 24 (Mon) Mrs. Guest passed away.
November 26 (Wed) Belle and I start for Detroit; got there o.k.
November 27 (Thu) Belle and I at Caleís; Tom and Mr. Hansen came; fine dinner.
November 28 (Fri) Came home at 5:36 p.m.
November 29 (Sat) Terrible wind and lights off in the evening.
November 30 (Sun) Great loss through wind, roofs and chimneys down, daylights out.
December 1 (Mon) Belle came home at 5:30 p.m.
December 16 (Tue) Ladies Aid Society Bazaar.
December 22 (Mon) Putting up ice - 10"; Mrs. Thomas Black passed away.
December 23 (Tue) Tom and Marg. came at 5:34 p.m.
December 24 (Wed) Cale came at midnight.
December 26 (Fri) Cale, Tom, and Marshall go to the lake.
December 28 (Sun) Cale, Marg, Tom and Belle go to church.
December 29 (Mon) Cale goes back to Detroit.
Addresses: (1) Tom Miller, 733 E. University, Ann Arbor;
(2) Tom Miller, 604 E. Madison St., Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Cale S. Miller, 133 Canfield West, Detroit; Tel.: Glendale 7005; 1189 work.
Christmas List: Sun $10; Marne $3; Nell $2; Will $1; Don $1; Babe $1; Don D. Doty $1; Leah $3; Robert 
Andrews $1; Albert $5; Rena $5; Babe $2; Cale $5; Marg. $5; Tom $5; Belle $5; Frank $5; 
Expenses to and from Lenawee: Gas $2.50; gas/tickets to Adrian $2.00; Tickets to Detroit $4.08; Beryl $5; exp. $1; tickets home $2.44; bus $0.30 = total expenses $17.32.



January 29 (Thu) Mr. Ailes here over night.
January 30 (Fri) Mr. Ailes goes home.
February 3 (Tue) I heard that Mr. Harry Burk passed away.
February 5 (Thu) Cale goes to Detroit. U.C. Weter and Mary came.
February 8 (Sun) Cale, Marg, Belle, U.C. and Mary all go to church.
February 10 (Tue) Albert, Rena and Belle go to Madelyn Stoneís wedding. Tom came.
February 13 (Fri) Mrs. Waterloo passed away.
February 14 (Sat) Sick with cold.
February 17 (Tue) Mrs. Frank Burk passed away.
February 18 (Wed) Margaret sick, bad cold; Mrs. Guy Hall passed away.
February 23 (Mon) Marg. still in bed.
February 29 (Sun) Nobody goes to church.
March 7 (Sun) Nobody goes to church. All got bad colds.
March 8 (Mon) Village election.
March 10 (Wed) U.C. Weter and Mary go to Detroit to shop.
March 12 (Fri) I donít feel good.
March 15 (Mon) I had Dr. Green over.
March 18 (Thu) I saw my robin.
March 21 (Sun) Cal & Marg came with new Dodge auto. Frank & Dessie here.
March 28 (Sun) I go to church in a good while.
April 4 (Sun) A blizzard in the p.m.
April 12 (Mon) Switch men strike.
April 19 (Mon) Paid George Kammer $5 for cords of wood.
April 20 (Tue) Mrs. Robert Ward passed away.
April 23 (Fri) Belle went to Detroit with the Millers.
May 8 (Sat) Mr. Hosey Fuller passed away.
May 11 (Tue) Wolvin is wall-papering.
May 14 (Fri) Heavy white frost. 32°.
May 15 (Sat) Hard frost, ice; tulip buds on ground; 30°.
May 21 (Fri) Nelson and Doctor here for supper.
May 31 (Mon) Bert, Maud, Earlís wife, Cale and Marg, all here.
June 9 (Wed) Bert takes us for ride around city; fine at Bertís.
June 10 (Thu) 4 Boys killed; all of us at show, held up for 2 hours by rain.
June 11 (Fri) Marg. falls and hurts arm; quite bad; Dr. says no broken bones.
June 12 (Sat) Margs. arm quite sore.
June 13 (Sun) Go to Shepís for the afternoon; Cora there.
June 14 (Mon) I go home, Belle stays.
June 27 (Sun) Cale came, go to Romeo, Cusic and Lakeville.
June 30 (Wed) Belle and Marg. go to Detroit, x-ray her arm.
July 5 (Mon) Big races; big crowd; Richmond won 2 games.
July 15 (Thu) Marg. goes home; Belle goes with her with the Baileyís.
July 20 (Tue) Mrs. Rapelje here.
July 31 (Sat) Very cold month. 60°.
August 7 (Sat) Belle, Rena, Baby and I move to lake.
August 8 (Sun) Bert, Maud, Cale and Marg. here to dinner.
August 11 (Thu) Mary, Allie and Belle go home; Albert goes in the morning.
August 19 (Thu) Albert and Rena go to Niagara Falls with Clark and wife.
September 2 (Thu) Rose had party in the Weter cottage; good time.
September 6 (Mon) Tom and friend here; Cale goes to Richmond.
September 9 (Thu) B. Keeler here for supper.
September 10 (Fri) Moved home from lake.
September 25 (Sat) Albert, Rena, Babe, Belle and I start for Lenawee. Got there at 8 p.m. Only 12 here for dinner.
September 28 (Tue) Mr. Rudeís funeral. Women go to Adrian.
October 2 (Sat) Harry and George and 2 friends came.
October 5 (Tue) Charles Isleyís funeral.
October 6 (Wed) We all go to Adrian.
October 8 (Fri) Start for home; fine morning; go to Cales at one, all fine.
October 9 (Sat) All go up to Windsor Races with Bert & Maud; Tom home.
October 10 (Sun) All go to see Cleveland - Brooklyn game.
October 12 (Tue) Belle and I go over to Shepís.
October 13 (Wed) Maud took us to Belle Isle.
October 14 (Thu) Spring-like weather. Go to show.
October 15 (Fri) Start for home; got home at 4:35 p.m.
October 17 (Sun) Belle sick. Had Doctor.
October 18 (Mon) U.C., George, Cora, Belle, Arnold and Mary Jane came.
October 19 (Tue) All go home except Cora.
October 24 (Sun) Marg., Cale, Bert and Maude called; Belle, Cora and I take dinner at Weterís.
November 4 (Thu) Eric Green passed away.
November 6 (Sat) Eric Greenís funeral.
December 1 (Wed) Mrs. Henry Whitcomb passed away.
December 3 (Fri) Vay Gadd here to dinner.
December 5 (Sun) John and Aggie Pound leave for California.
December 18 (Sat) Belle to Pt. Huron to see doctor.
December 19 (Sun) Dr. Greenís mother passed away.
Notes: House was shingled in October by Randall & Brophy.
Addresses: J. H. Haviland, 465 Lullibridge Ave., Detroit
C. S. Miller #133 Canfield West, Detroit.



February 23 (Wed) Steinmetzís store robbed of best clothing.
March 2 (Wed) Heard a robin.
March 8 (Tue) Saw my first robin.
March 20 (Sun) Cale here to dinner, brought folks to look at this house.
March 26 (Sat) Clear fine morning - got spring fever.
April 13 (Wed) Rain - Baseball opener in Detroit postponed.
April 14 (Thu) Went Baseball game; rained hard; Detroit 6 / Chicago 5.
April 16 (Sat) All went to see a play "Top of the morning"; fine play. Tom is in it.
April 17 (Sun) Big snow storm - found plants frozen in house.
April 18 (Mon) Go home with Osterhouse in car.
April 26 (Tue) Cora and Gerty Whitmarsh came in auto.
April 28 (Thu) U.C. Weter, Cora and Cale go home.
May 2 (Mon) Cale and Margaret go home with Osterhouse in auto.
May 4 (Wed) Mrs. Rapelje here.
May 20 (Fri) I fell off chair; hurt my side.
May 24 (Tue) Nelson, Marie, Maggie here - go home at 8:30 a.m.
May 30 (Mon) Tom goes to Ann Arbor with Grace.
June 4 (Sat) Cold north wind - Band played.
June 9 (Thu) James E. Weter passed away 7:30 p.m.; Cale here for bank exam.
June 12 (Sun) Cale, Tom, Shep, Cyone and Harry came to J.E. Weterís funeral.
June 13 (Mon) Cale and Cora go with Osterhouse.
June 21 (Tue) Albert Lindke, Sr. passed away.
June 22 (Wed) Sam Weeks passed away.
June 24 (Fri) Sam Weekís and Mr. Lindkeís funeral today.
July 6 (Wed) Albert and Louise Lindke came to lake.
July 7 (Thu) Albert and Belle go to Mr. Huntís funeral. Cash on hand: $ 276.00.
July 8 (Fri) Nelson and wife here.
July 13 (Wed) My back is very lame.
July 14 (Thu) My back is bad.
July 21 (Thu) Mr. and Mrs. Keeler came.
July 31 (Sun) 2 men drowned at Anchorville.
August 19 (Fri) Burl Keeler here to dinner.
August 24 (Wed) They are starting to lay cement on road.
August 25 (Thu) Mrs. Rapelje came.
September 15 (Thu) Mr. Chester Gilbert (Washing.) passed away.
September 17 (Sat) Putting in my coal.
September 21 (Wed) Belle sick; rheumatism.
October 4 (Tue) Belle and I go to Lenawee, all well.
October 6 (Thu) Belle goes to Adrian. All go in auto.
October 8 (Sat) I go to Adrian to shave.
October 9 (Sun) Took ride to cemetery.
October 12 (Wed) Go up to Adrian; Belle gone to aunt Annís.
October 13 (Thu) George goes to lake to hunt; Belle and Cora at Mrs. Whitmarshís to tea.
October 15 (Sat) George got 3 squirrels. Walter Simmon married.
October 16 (Sun) Squirrel dinner.
October 20 (Thu) Belle and I go to Detroit on the way home. At Caleís at noon.
October 22 (Sat) Belle and I go to Shepís.
October 23 (Sun) All to Shepís to dinner; back to Caleís; at 8 I go to see C. Davis, not there, gone to hospital.
October 24 (Mon) Maud took us all to the Temple, fine play.
October 25 (Tue) Cale and I go to Hospital to see Carl Davis, he is bad.
October 27 (Thu) Marg., Belle and I go to Harryís to spend the evening; Nelson took us.
October 30 (Sun) We go home with Albert, Rena and baby; got home at 7 p.m.
October 31 (Mon) At home to stay; find things O.K.
November 3 (Thu) Mr. R. Flowers passed away.
November 5 (Sat) Set out my tulip bulbs.
November 11 (Fri) Armistice Day.
November 12 (Sat) Conference on limitation of armaments opened at Washington at 10:30.
November 14 (Mon) Heard that Carl Davis passed away.
November 16 (Wed) Mrs. Thomas Leach passed away.
November 18 (Fri) Mrs. Leachís funeral.
November 23 (Wed) Took ride in Auto over newly paved road with U.C. Weter and Mary.
November 29 (Tue) Alonzo Prattís funeral.
December 4 (Sun) Bettie Beebe Kirkham passed away at Pt. Huron.
December 6 (Tue) Marg, Maud, Percy here for Bettieís funeral.
December 15 (Thu) U.C. Weter and Mary start for Adrian; sent C.S. Miller draft for $2,225.00.
December 16 (Fri) I go to Mt. Clemens; Tommy Harris passed away.
December 19 (Mon) Tommy Harrisí funeral here.
December 25 (Sun) Cale came at noon. Arthur E. Fuller passed away.
December 28 (Wed) Arthur E. Fullerís funeral.
December 29 (Thu) Cale, Marg, Tom and Belle go to lake.
December 30 (Fri) Cale goes home at 8 p.m.
Addresses: Geo. F. Beatty, 3498 Bewick Ave., Detroit;
Mrs. H.W. (Leah) Drisko, 207 Mariposa St., Syracuse, NY
Herbert Bunny, 10 Garfield, Cortland, NY
J. H. Pound, 1266 Lilac Terrace, Los Angeles, Cal.
Thomas H. Miller, 604 E. Madison St., Ann Arbor, MI
Mrs. Frances Johnston, 325 Crescent St., Grand Rapids, N.E.
T. S. Weter, 195 Tennyson Ave., Highland Park.
C.S. Miller, 133 Canfield, West Detroit.
G.E. Miller, Grand River, get off Park Place.
Mrs. Herbert Bunny, 78 Sycamore St., Baldwinsville, NY
Glen S. Freeman, 37 Pendleton St., Cortland, NY
Mr. H. M. (Agnes) Hamilton, Groton, NY 
Mrs. Herman Gute, 600 San Louis Road, Berkeley, Cal. 
Notes: For 1920 I received from the sale of the egg plant from Weter, Fanning & Co. $288.89 on the principle, $119.16 on interest.

No. 25117 - I took out a life insurance policy for Thomas H. Miller for $2,000 in the Northern Assurance Co.

Dr. Kilmerís Swamproot for weak kidneys.

Americans lost in WWI: 50,000 killed, 236,000 wounded.



January 1 (Sun) Tom and Margaret go home with Albert, Rena and baby.
January 2 (Mon) Cale came with Albert Lindke to Bank Exam.
January 8 (Sun) Rev. Croman preached his first sermon.
January 10 (Tue) Annual Bank Meeting. New Director: C.E. Maxwell.
January 11 (Wed) U.C. Weter and Mary Isley came.
January 12 (Thu) Rev. Croman here to dinner.
January 18 (Wed) Putting up ice on pond.
January 27 (Fri) Jabe Fenton passed away.
February 11 (Sat) U.C. Weter and Emma home, reported Walter Simmons married.
February 19 (Sun) Rev. Mr. Croman preached a fine sermon.
February 20 (Mon) Mr. S.W. Van Dusen passed away.
February 23 (Thu) Ira Heathís funeral.
February 24 (Fri) Mrs. J.A. Carletonís funeral.
February 27 (Mon) Mrs. Osterhouseís sister passed away.
March 4 (Sat) Mrs. A. J. Heathís funeral.
March 10 (Fri) I saw my robin.
March 15 (Wed) I made my will today.
March 20 (Mon) Osterhouses 1 year Iona.
March 27 (Mon) Mrs. John Denton passed away.
March 28 (Tue) Mrs. Dentonís funeral.
March 29 (Wed) Elton Bailey passed away.
March 31 (Fri) Elton Baileyís funeral.Trees covered with ice, wires, poles down, lights off.
April 4 (Tue) Mrs. Lou Beatty passed away.
April 5 (Wed) Will Evans and Lucille McCartyís wedding.
April 11 (Tue) Celler full of water.
April 24 (Mon) Rena sick.
April 28 (Fri) Ice reportedly 1" thick.
April 29 (Sat) Osterhouseís sale.
May 7 (Sun) Rena not very well; Mrs. Lou Beattyís funeral.
May 15 (Mon) Have 204 tulips in bloom.
June 1 (Thu) Wolvin here painting house.
June 11 (Sun) Belle goes to Detroit on way to Lenawee; I go to Mt. Clemens.
June 21 (Wed) Belle came home.
June 25 (Sun) Mrs. Chas. Whitmarsh passed away.
June 26 (Mon) Renaís birthday.
July 9 (Sun) All go to Orchard beach.
July 12 (Wed) Put the last of the ice in box.
August 3 (Thu) Mrs. Rapelje here.
August 6 (Sun) Blanche & Emma to Adrian.
August 31 (Thu) Blanche goes home to Chicago.
September 20 (Wed) Aunt Emma buys home in Royal Oak.
September 21 (Thu) All go up to Armada at noon; in evening fireworks.
September 24 (Sun) Went to Romeo peach orchard for peaches.
October 17 (Tue) Drive to Belle Isle and go to Bert Millerís to dinner.
October 18 (Wed) Go to Shepís.
October 20 (Fri) Belle and Marg. go to Royal Oak to visit Aunt Emma. I stay, bad cold.
October 22 (Sun) Go to St. Paulís Cathedral in evening.
October 24 (Tue) Go home from Caleís. All well.
November 25 (Sat) Baby boy and girl born to Albert and Rena at 7 p.m. today. Happy surprise - boy and girl.
November 27 (Mon) Bert Beatty passed away.
December 3 (Sun) Mrs. Morris passed away.
December 23 (Sat) Mrs. Frances Grinnell passed away - age 55.
December 24 (Sun) Cale, Tom and Dick came.
December 30 (Sat) Marg. goes home, was here for 5 weeks.
Addresses: Thomas H. Miller, 1000 E. Anne St., Ann Arbor, MI
Mary H. Haviland, 2207 Lilliebridge Ave., Detroit;
Mrs. N. Drews, 39 Elisabeth St., Oneida, NY
Emma Weter, Box 725, Royal Oak.
Mame - 78 Syracuse St., Baldwinsville, NY
W. D. Clark, 1549 Kenelworth Ave., Chicago
Mildred Fenton, 719 W. Euclid, Detroit
Mrs. Wm. (Susie) Dobbins, 194 Baynes St., Buffalo, NY
Mrs. H. M. (Agnes) Hamilton, Groton, NY
Notes: Petersonís ointment for exzema



January 1 (Mon) Belle and I go with Cale and Marg. Miller to a play in Detroit; Tom is in it.
January 2 (Tue) We go to Shepís to lunch.
January 19 (Fri) Very near a fire above our furnace.
February 11 (Sun) Belle quite lame today.
February 17 (Sat) Tom and Carrie came.
March 4 (Sun) Saw my robin.
March 7 (Wed) Primary Circuit Judge Stone defeated.
March 21 (Wed) Easter Supper of the Ladies Aid Society.
March 26 (Mon) Albert and Rena are moving into the C.S. Miller house.
March 28 (Wed) I donít feel well.
April 21 (Sat) Buds and grass is coming up nice.
April 29 (Sun) Drove to Lake with Albert, Rena, Margaret, twins, Cora, Belle and I.
May 16 (Wed) Rained all day. Iím sick all night; 
May 24 (Thu) Mrs. Ailes here for the day.
May 27 (Sun) N. Drew passed away.
June 7 (Thu) Bought a suit of clothes, extra pair of pants.
June 10 (Sun) Twins were baptized today. Cale and Tom drive to Ann Arbor; all go home.
June 14 (Thu) Albert caught 12 Pickerel.
June 22 (Fri) Belle and Margarete start for Lenawee at noon.
June 24 (Sun) Cash on hand: $310.00; 94°F at 2 p.m.
June 25 (Mon) Frank and I start East; leave Detroit by boat at 5:30 p.m.
June 26 (Tue) Arrive at Buffalo 08:30 a.m.; Syracuse 12:15 p.m.; folks all fine.
June 27 (Wed) Quite cool; Nell came up.
June 28 (Thu) Mame and family came; rained all day.
June 30 (Sat) Mr. Warner tooks up to the University and ride through city.
July 1 (Sun) Went to Baldwinsville to visit Mame.
July 2 (Mon) Mr. Keefe took us all over the city in auto; fine sights.
July 3 (Tue) Frank and I go to Oneida; find folks fine.
July 5 (Thu) Go Carlís to tea and take ride to Oneida Lake.
July 9 (Mon) Fine day; Frank and I start for Sunís.
July 10 (Tue) Start for Auburn, go to Groton, arrive at noon. Staying with John Wolf.
July 12 (Thu) Went to Locke and Moravia.
July 16 (Mon) Start for Auburn. Arrived in Syracuse at 6 p.m.
July 18 (Wed) We start for home; arrive at Buffalo 5:30 p.m. to boat to Detroit at 6:00 p.m.
July 19 (Thu) Lake ride smooth; fine trip; arrive in Detroit at 09:00 a.m., at home at 5:34 p.m.
July 24 (Tue) Belle gos to Mt. Clemens to take baths at Stones.
July 28 (Sat) Cale and Margaret came; Belle home.
July 30 (Mon) James G. Tucker passed away.
August 2 (Thu) President Harding passed away at 10:30 p.m. at San Francisco.
August 7 (Tue) Culver and I go to River Boucherís farm.
August 10 (Fri) Hardingís funeral.
August 19 (Sun) Rev. Mosley preached at M.C.
September 19 (Wed) Go to George Baileyís birthday surprise - 75 years old.
September 22 (Sat) Got a few mushrooms.
September 29 (Sat) Richmond High 33 Port Huron 7 - fine hard game.
October 4 (Thu) Cold some frost; started furnace with coal.
October 24 (Wed) Go to Majestic Theater to see "Seven Chances".
November 30 (Fri) Belle goes to Pt. Huron with the Nortonís.
December 10 (Mon) Mrs. H. Suttonís funeral.
December 12  (Wed) Mrs. Bunker passed away, suddenly.
December 23 (Sun) Big snow fall - snow plow out at 2 p.m.
December 28 (Fri) Aunt Ann Roberts passed away.



January 4 (Fri) Very near a fire over the furnace.
January 6 (Sun) I say itís cold and then some - at noon 2° above.
January 8 (Tue) Annual bank meeting.
January 14 (Mon) Buddie sick.
January 20 (Sun) Mary Alice sick.
January 25 (Fri) Snowing; plow out; Belle had doctor; I have pleurisy bad.
January 26 (Sat) Albert goes to Zores Millerís party - fine time.
January 29 (Tue) Iím not well.
January 31 (Thu) Little Margaret broke out with measles.
February 3 (Sun) Ex President Wilson passed away at 11:15.
February 6 (Wed) Robert Smith passed away.
February 8 (Fri) Robert Smithís funeral. Fine day.
February 25 (Mon) St. Dennisí move into the Lutes house.
March 1 (Sat) Opening of new bank.
March 15 (Sat) Emma & Grace came to Mrs. Bartrayís funeral.
March 16 (Sun) We both went to church.
March 19 (Wed) I saw my two robins.
March 24 (Mon) Robins singing; fine morning, 38°.
April 13 (Sun) Cal, Marg & Tom came by bus at noon; 68° at noon.
May 3 (Sat) Aunt Emma, Blanch, Barbara came; twins sick.
May 11 (Sun) Motherís Day. We all drive to lake.
May 17 (Sat) Frank Pulsí boy born.
May 19 (Mon) Reported ice on water outdoors.
May 22 (Thu) Frost this morning.
May 25 (Sun) Took a ride to Capac.
May 27 (Tue) Mrs. Ailes came.
June 5 (Thu) Fire out in furnace first time since started.
June 6 (Fri) Field day in Armada.
June 14 (Sat) Tom start for Europe.
June 19 (Thu) Belle and I and Margaret go to Lenawee; 90° at 7:00 p.m.
June 21 (Sat) Tom leaves NY today.
June 29 (Sun) 100 Dead from storm in Lorraine, Ohio. 26 Blocks leveled.
July 16 (Wed) Belleís birthday party, surprise at lake - big supper, 17 came.
July 17 (Thu) Dedication of Square Deal Millerís clock - his gift to Richmond.
June 27 (Sun) Took ride to St. Clair free camp ground.
August 2 (Sat) We moved to the lake.
August 23 (Sat) Fenton reunion here. Fine day.
September 4 (Thu) Move home from lake.
September 6 (Sat) Cold - fire in furnace.
September 13 (Sat) Tom home from Europe.
September 14 (Sun) Took ride to Almont, Romeo with Albert.
September 16 (Tue) All go to lake to close the cottage.
(in 1893):
Mrs. Helen Beebe, 377 Military Ave, Detroit.
Notes: Paid store Fanning, Leach & Co. Note on August 16, 1893.
Paid Ernestine Fiebelkorn formerly Falkenburg.
Paid Mrs. Elma Farrís mortgage on farm. 1916 - Joint deed of W.H. Acker home, contract to J.K. Denton; 1/2 my share = 1,300; 
gave deed to J.B. Lutes on 2-15-1917.
Leighton Heath & J.J. Heath.



January 8 (Thu) Pound is cutting ice - ice is fine.
January 9 (Fri) R. L. Skinner passed away.
January 11 (Sun) Mr. Skinnerís funeral.
January 14 (Wed) A baby girl was born to Earl & Mrs. Miller at 12:30 - name: Maud.
January 24 (Sat) Eclipse of the sun fine, got dark at 9:00 a.m.
January 27 (Tue) 4°C below zero - Wheat in Detroit $2.13.
January 28 (Wed) Reported temps. of 14 to 19 and 20 below.
February 8 (Sun) Fine morning - Thunder - Sprinkles.
February 10 (Tue) Snow and ice are gone. Charles Lindke passed away.
February 14 (Sat) Charles Lindkeís funeral.
February 21 (Sat) Heavy fog all day; Leroy Burtonís funeral.
February 24 (Tue) I gave Margaret W. Miller check for $5,000 to build houses in Detroit.
March 2 (Mon) Big fire - Bakery, A.T., P. Stone (store?), Barnettís all burn; Baker burnt badly.
March 3 (Tue) Mrs. Pound broke leg.
March 8 (Sun) Saw my robin.
March 10 (Tue) Thunder late afternoon; 66°F.
March 13 (Fri) Little snow; lots of snow.
March 19 (Thu) Richmond Lumber Co. plant burnt to the ground at 1:30 a.m.
March 28 (Sat) Martin Keeler called.
April 14 (Tue) Tigers 4, Chicago 3.
April 16 (Thu) White frost. Margaret and Tom came.
April 23 (Thu) Very hot in afternoon, 90°F.
April 24 (Fri) Fire out in furnace.
April 28 (Tue) Mrs. Pound died. Margaret goes to Ann Arbor - Tom is sick.
April 30 (Thu) Mrs. Poundís funeral, cloudy, raining, 40°F.
May 1 (Fri) Winifred Bailey passed away.
May 6 (Wed) Raining, later snowing.
May 8 (Fri) Heavy frost reported.
May 10 (Sun) Took ride to Memphis, Berville, Armada.
May 18 (Mon) White frost, 36°F; I fell over chair and hurt my back in yard.
May 19 (Tue) Donít feel good; called Dr. Green.
May 20 (Wed) Dr. Green here; Iím strapped up to the bed.
May 22 (Fri) Kirk here to shave me. 40°F.
May 24 (Sun) Snowed and rained. 32°F.
May 26 (Tue) Feel some better.
June 5 (Fri) Folks drive to lake at 5 p.m. Hot, 98°F.
June 6 (Sat) Hot, hotter, 100°F.
June 19 (Fri) Hurt my back again.
July 11 (Sat) Mr. Flint passed away suddenly; hot 90°F.
August 25 (Tue) John B. Lutes passed away at the river.
August 28 (Fri) Marg, Belle and I go to J.B. Lutesí funeral with Burt Miller.
September 9 (Wed) Iím laid up with back problems. 82°F.
September 10 (Thu) No better; muscular rheumatism.
September 13 (Sun) Lindkeís go to Detroit; Rose Kaufman, Frank and Dessie here to Dinner.
September 20 (Sun) Iím no better; muggy hot, 80°F.
September 27 (Sun) Ella Hunt passed away.
October 13 (Sat) U of M 39 - State College 0.
October 15 (Thu) Fine day - all go to Mrs. Burleyís to hear baseball over radio.
November 5 (Thu) Go to Pollisí surprise party.
December 29 (Tue) Dessie (Frank Fanningís wife) goes to Haper Hospital.
December 30 (Wed) Operation today - came out o.k.
Addresses: Caleb S. Miller, St. Rita Apartment, 35 Owen, Detroit (Owen just off Woodward);
David Beauvis, Treasurer, Anchorville, MI
William Bush, New Baltimore, MI
G.E. Miller, 401 Grand River Ave., Detroit.






January 12 (Wed) Ladies Aid Society at Charles Heathís.
January 13 (Thu) Lots of snow - 10 inches.
January 27 (Thu) Walter Davidson was burned to death while starting fire with gasoline.
February 6 (Sun) I donít feel well.
February 13 (Sun) They all go to Emmett to get Albert; came home from hospital, snowing.
February 18 (Fri) William C. Jarvis and wife Augustaís funeral here.
March 4 (Fri) Belle had all her teeth pulled at Dr. Nortonís in Pt. Huron.
March 7 (Mon) I saw my robin on the lawn. Silas Brophy passed away.
March 16 (Wed) I got a bad cold; Marg. came to Bessie Hirtís party.
March 20 (Sun) My ear aches.
March 21 (Mon) My ear broke open this morning; we both have colds.
March 22 (Tue) Both dead sick.
March 24 (Thu) No better.
March 26 (Sat) Dr. Moore lanced my ear.
April 9 (Sat) My head bad yet.
April 21 (Thu) Belle goes to Almont to convention.
April 30 (Sat) Belle goes to Pt. Huron for her teeth.
May 7 (Sat) Marg. came with Harry Burley.
May 9 (Mon) Dr. Moore here. Hot 82°.
May 10 (Tue) Fire out in furnace; Emma and Grace came.
May 11 (Wed) Colder - fire built in furnace.
May 15 (Sun) Cale, Marg and Tom came home.
May 16 (Mon) Dr. Moore here.
May 17 (Tue) Dr. Moore here. Cash on hand $315.00.
May 18 (Wed) Go to Detroit to ear specialist.
This was his final entry.
The following entries were made by his wife, Belle
May 28 (Sat) He passed away today.
May 31 (Tue) Funeral today.
June 2 (Sat) Went to Walloon Lake.
July 30 (Sat) Came home from Walloon.
September 4 (Sun) Went to Lenawee.
September 5 (Mon) Came home.
September 9 (Fri) Mary Alice broke her arm.

This concludes the Thomas Fanning diaries.

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