The Beatty Family

(as published in the Richmond Review in 1951)
Calvin Beatty came here from Canada over 75 years ago and met and married Miss Nancy Moore. Calvin, a monument cutter, had shop at Beebe's Corners. Later his son, Calvin, Jr., worked with him. Alonzo Beatty, Calvin's son, married Christina Monteith of Armada. Their descendants, now living in Richmond, are Alonzo Beatty, N. Main street, and his sister Edna (Mrs. Ed. Priestap), Priestap street. A brother, Frank, lives in Dearborn. The first Alonzo was village marshall here for many years. Alonzo Beatty married Miss Mabel Matthews, a Richmond native, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Matthews. The former is dead and his widow now lives in New Baltimore. Three of their four children live in Richmond: Nedra (Mrs. Willis Waun), N. Main street; Maryana (Mrs. Charles Phelps), Puttygut road; Lon, Jr., who graduates from Richmond High School this spring (in 1951). Robert Beatty is married and lives in Port Huron. Another son, Warren M. Beatty, was drowned on June 20, 1935, at the age of 14. Edna Beatty Priestap and her husband also have four children.
They are listed under the Priestap family.

On the right: Herbert Beatty, Soldier of the Spanish-American War

(Additional detailed information is available on this family and will be added soon.)