Columbus Township's First Burial Place

This picture was taken by me in February 1990. The sign has since deteriorated and the cemetery is again in dire need of care. Although the oldest marker is that of Alley Cross, who died in 1845, there is no documented proof that it is the first burial place in Columbus Township. There are markers dating back to 1844 in Kittridge Cemetery, a mere 2 miles north east, off Gratiot, and then there is the now abandoned William's Cemetery in the north east corner of the township (Section 1), which may predate it.

What follows are the events that led to the rededication of the cemetery in 1976 as told to me by Don Johnson, a volunteer, who took care of the cemetery for several years.

In 1975, Peter Tyler, who was then Township Treasurer, expressed his desire to preserve the old cemetery. He organized a group of volunteers who cleared the brush, removed the fallen trees, and retrieved the tombstones that had been thrown down a deep ravine by vandals. The volunteers put up a split-rail fence across the cemetery front and erected a sign to identify the spot as Columbus Township's first burial place. Then, on July 18, 1976, a rededication ceremony was held at the cemetery. The small band of volunteers was beaming with pride as some 60 persons witnessed uniformed members of the American Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary march into the cemetery. The VFW members placed a wreath, installed American flags, and fired a four-gun salute. The bugler sounded taps and a dedication proclamation was read to the township board members. In 1977, at a regular meeting of the board at the township hall, the cemetery was officially named the 'Arlington Road Cemetery'.

Last year, when township officials informed me that they have no obligation or interest in maintaining the cemetery, some of the residents on Arlington Road took it upon themselves and mowed the area in front of the fence.  If you are a resident of Arlington Road and would like to help with the cleanup next spring, please contact me by email (address below).

As recorded by Ursula B. Adamson in October 1990

------------Charles --- ---     in wooded area, front, far left
------------Cynthia --- ---     marker found in ravine
------------Isabella 1843 1890      
AYERS, John 28 Sep 1808 14 Jan 1883   husband of Sally  
AYERS, Sally 08 Feb 1813 22 Mar 1899   wife of John  
BREESE, Niles 10 Feb 1867 05 Mar 1867 00/00/23 son of E.H. & Margaret  
CLARK, Lyman A. --- --- 77/08/16    
CLARK, Mary 1812 08 Jul 1899 87/00/00 wife of Lyman stone missing
CLARK, Z(S)abra G. --- 13 Jan 1870 20/00/00    
CROSS, Alley M. --- 19 Apr 1845 17/00/00 dau. of E.S. & Hannah  
CROSS, E.S. (Erastus S.) 1798 14 Jul 1872 77/00/00 "A faithful friend, a husband dear, a tender parent lieth here, great is the loss we here sustain but hope in heaven to meet again".
CROSS, Hannah --- 02 Nov 1868 63/06/13 wife of E.S.  
FOLTS*, Elizabeth --- 11 Dec 1859 16/02/00 dau. of M. &. M. Folts  
FOLTS, George --- 12 Nov 1870 29/08/05 "In memory of my beloved husband George Folts, who departed this life November 12 1870, aged 29 Y, 8 Mos., 5 ds; ...the words of my mouth....
FOLTS, Mary 15 Jun 1808 25 Oct 1899   wife of Michael  
FOLTS, Michael 03 Nov 1814 25 Sep 1904   husband of Mary  
FULLER, Dorcas 14 Jul 1826 22 Dec 1871      
FULLER, Elijah 25 Feb 1860 25 May 1862      
FULLER, Norman 03 Mar 1828 15 Mar 1894      
HUNT, John --- 01 Jun 1849 60/00/00   stone broken, on ground
JOHNSON, Carrie 1844 1875   dau. of  H. & E.  
JOHNSON, Charles 1856 1887   son of  H. & E.  
JOHNSON, Eleanor 1824 1893   wife of  Hiram  
JOHNSON, Flora 1864 1882   dau. of  H. & E.  
JOHNSON, Hiram 1817 1871   husband of Eleanor  
JOHNSON, John H. 1848 1899   son of  H. & E.  
MAGARY, Charles 24 Jun 1848 12 Apr 1872      
MAGARY, George R. 10 Jul 1811 17 May 1884      
MAGARY, Jennett (see Stephenson)        
MUGRIDGE, Bill S. --- -- -- --  
MUGRIDGE, Elijah --- -- -- --  
MUGRIDGE, Emaline (nee Gleason) 11 Jan 1824 10 Jul 1906   wife of S. Mugridge  
ROBERTSON, Zerviah L. --- 04 Nov 1869 63/00/00 "Calm on the bosom of thy God, dear spirit rest thee now". 
Erected by her son Franklin. 
STEPHENSON**, Jennett (nee Magary)  27 Jan 1851  17 Sep 1874      
YOUNG, Barbara --- 16 Apr 1885 77/10/08 wife of Michael  
YOUNG, Mary --- 04 Sep 1892 60/03/17 wife of Norman  
YOUNG, Michael --- 22 Sep 1876 72/11/20 husband of Barbara I shall be satisfied when I walk...
YOUNG, Norman  15 July 1836 22 Sep 1912   husband of Mary  
*    also spelled Foltz / Voltz
** also spelled Stevenson


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